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A terrifying dive into GTA V

| December 25, 2012

A terrifying dive into GTA V News PlayStation Xbox  GTA V

GTA V will feature a variety of activities that are new to the series. Revealed in the most recent set of screenshots released by Rockstar, it appears that players will be able to go diving in the upcoming open-world title, opening up a new level of exploration for the GTA series.

Two of the screenshots prominently feature diving and vehicles to facilitate this underwater exploring. While the first is terrifying, with what appears to be one of the game’s protagonists swimming alongside a massive great white shark, the second, features what appears to be a deep sea diving vessel.

Rockstar hasn’t said much about this aspect of GTA V, but players have been limited in the interaction on the open water in past games. While players have been able to boat and swim in past games, diving has never been a part of that equation.

We’ll have to wait and see what Rockstar has in-store for deep sea explorers when GTA V releases in spring of 2013.

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  • djmagnumb

    Jump in the water’s fine :-P

  • Kyle Diez

    Are you serious?
    “…diving has never been a part of that equation.”
    Have you never played San Andreas? Do you not remember the air meter? Being able to build up your lung capacity? The infinite air cheat?

    • Kyle Diez

      Plus if you put the “Flying cars” cheat on and the “infinite air” cheat on, you could drive your car right into the water and basically maneuver like a submarine underwater.

  • mike

    not for anything but that looks more like a bull shark rather than a great white :P

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