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The Crew Receives A Hefty April Update Includes Free Content, Full Patch Notes Now Available

by William Schwartz


The Crew was once an intriguing game which blended racing with an MMO mindset. Now the game has retained some of its fanbase and the developers are continuing to update the game for fans with continued content.

The April update to The Crew has added several new cars to the mix, four new faction missions, and seven new specs have been added. Players can also now detect their connections to tweak the online connectivity in the game. Ubisoft have also issued several PVP changes and bug fixes to The Crew. Check out the patch list below.

New features:

  • Perks can now be bought in the Headquarters with both Crew Credits and Bucks.
  • The new “Raid Car Pack” is being added to the game, containing the following vehicles:
    • CADILLAC ESCALADE 2012 available in: Full stock/Street/Perf/Dirt/Raid/Circuit
    • McLaren F1 available in: Full stock/Perf
    • VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG NF 2011 available in: Full stock/Dirt/Raid
  • 4 new faction missions are being added to the game:
    • Treasure Hunt: Raid (West)
    • Jurassic Raid: Raid (South)
    • Blacklisted: Dirt (Midwest)
    • Let it Snow: Raid (Mountain States)
  • 7 new specs are being added to the game:
    • Chevrolet Camaro RS 69 – RAID
    • Ford F150 – RAID
    • Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R34) – RAID
    • Hummer H1 Alpha – STREET
    • RUF 3400K – CIRCUIT
    • Ford F-150 – CIRCUIT
    • Dodge Ram SRT 10 – CIRCUITChrome colors as well as lacquered interiors are being added to the customization options. 
  • Connection Detection Tool:
    • This new feature will give players the possibility to troubleshoot their network settings directly from the game UI.
    • The tool will also be recommending some changes to improve the quality of sessions in the game.
  • New UI options:
    • It’s now possible to “Show/Hide” player names and cop car tags in Free ride from the Smartphone menu.
    • It’s now possible to “Show/Hide” the Police Unit (top center) & Geographical Names Unit (top center) with the “Display Mini Map in Free ride” option.
  • PvP Changes:
    • Merged PVP lobbies: players will now be able to access all PvP missions from all zones in one lobby.
    • Some PvP missions have had their checkpoints and distances redesigned in order to offer a better diversity in the pool of PvP events. The updated races are the following:
      • Race for Liberty – Shortened
      • Desert Rally – Shortened
      • Down the Drain (sprint) – Shortened
      • Vegas Descent – Shortened
      • Dallas Showdown – Extended
      • Battle of Black Mount – Extended
      • Rushmore – Extended
      • On the Waterfront – Extended
      • Coastal Clash – Extended
      • Raiding the fair – Extended
      • Battle at the bay – Extended
      • Death Valley Drive-by – Extended
      • Hill Climb Havoc – Extended
      • Down the Drain – Extended
      • Golden Gate City – Extended
      • Air Base Assault – Extended
      • Sprint of Saint Louis – Extended
      • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – Extended
      • Lakeside loop – Extended
      • Strike it Rich – Extended
      • From the Valley – Extended
      • Reckless Rally – Extended

    All these PvP missions have also had their rewards rescaled to better match their length.

  • TrackIR compatibility: TrackIR is now compatible with The Crew and allows players to control the car camera with head movements.

Bug fixing

  • Fixed a bug related to functionality issues of Thrustmaster T300 and T80 driving wheels on PS4.
  • Fixed an issue related to the progression of certain Awards and Achievements.
    • For some Awards and Achievements, the progression was not correctly tracked and the Awards were not correctly completed.
  • Fixed an issue where some Faction Missions didn’t display the proper duration.
    • Example: the Faction Mission “The Fugitive” that was considered as a long mission (over an hour) has been changed to a medium mission (10-60 min), accordingly it has had its reward rescaled to the new duration.
  • Fixed some issues that were encountered when using text chat on PC.
  • Improved camera stability at 60 frames per second.
  • General stability improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with the 6th gear on NISSAN Skyline GT-R (R34) Full stock.
  • Fixed an issue with the Chevrolet Silverado Circuit’s flying into the air on some bumps.

Known issues:

  • Using the rear view camera in Cockpit View will not be working properly: this bug is being worked on and should be fixed in the coming weeks.

That is quite a lot of fixes for a game that released back in December. That is great dedication to the community by the developers over at Ivory Tower. You can check out The Crew now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC.

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