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The Last Guardian Receives A Permanent $20 Price Drop

by Mike Guarino


The wait for The Last Guardian was a long one, but it is one that many agreed was worth it. When the game launched in December of last year it was met with critical acclaim, but if you haven’t gotten around to playing it yet then there’s a new price drop that just might convince you.

The Last Guardian’s price has been dropped to $39.99 both physically and digitally, with Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and the PlayStation Store all listing this new price. This has been confirmed as the new official price of the game rather than a temporary sale, with a Sony representative confirming the news. It’s surprising seeing as the game has been available for less than two months, but it’s something that those interested in the game will want to jump on regardless.

Fans of the game will be happy to know that a companion book is also on the way, with that being set to release on February 28th and costing $39.99. It’s 256 pages long and comes in a hardcover, being described as something that strikes “a balance between visual splendor and technical detail, this book celebrates Ueda’s singular vision and the dedicated team that helped bring it to life. The art and interviews contained within promise to reveal unexpected insights and fuel further discussions amongst fans everywhere.”

If you need more convincing as to why you should check out The Last Guardian, be sure to read our review of the game where we gave it 4.5/5 stars. We said that it’s “a marvelous achievement in a number of ways,” with a world that is “fascinating and mysterious.” There are some quirks to the game that rubbed some people the wrong way at certain points, but overall it is an experience quite unlike anything else currently on the market.

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