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The Last of Us: Part II Has Finished Shooting All its Cinematics

Now there's just everything else to do.

by Dylan Siegler


Recently, Neil Druckmann, the Vice President of Naughty Dog and Creative Director for The Last of Us: Part II, revealed that the studio had recently finished filming the final scene of their upcoming game. Not the biggest announcement in the world, since cinematic-heavy video games often shoot scenes out of order, so this wasn’t exactly the greatest indicator of where production of the game is. Still, given how tight-lipped everyone involved with The Last of Us: Part II has been about the game, any news at all is appreciated. Now, however, we have a little more concrete idea of where in its production cycle the game is.

Today (April 18), Druckmann announced on Twitter that all scenes involving Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) have been shot. The Naughty Dog Twitter page then shared Druckmann’s Tweet, adding that all of the game’s “planned cinematic shoots” have now been finished. However, Naughty Dog reminds fans that there’s still plenty to do, from implementing and animating all these scenes, to finishing up gameplay. Also, it’s possible that some last minute changes may require the studio to add or reshoot some scenes. Still, it’s good to know that Naughty Dog is making good progress.

The Last of Us: Part II is currently in development for PlayStation 4. No release date or window has been announced.

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