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The Next Valorant Map, Breeze, Has Had its Trailer Leaked

Agents are on the way to a tropical coastline.

by Shawn Robinson


Valorant has been leaving breadcrumbs for some time towards their next map release, including a few teaser images across their Twitter page. While we haven’t been able to glean much from these teasers, what we have seen is that this is a beachside map that fans have discovered to be named Breeze. Thanks to the work of a few community members though, it seems we may know the identity of the new map a little earlier than expected. The trailer for Valorant’s next map, Breeze, has been leaked by one keen community member over the Valorant subreddit. You can find the trailer below. It’s worth noting that the trailer is not in English, but the details of the map are still clearly visible.

This obviously isn’t a perfect overview, but Breeze seems to be a much different style than much of what Valorant has offered in the past. Everything already seems much more open, which, in my opinion, should work in the game’s favor. Agents will be battling across what appears to be the remnants of an old castle, complete with cannons and tech upgrades from the in-game Kingdom corporation. This is of course across two bomb sites, similar to four of the five other maps.

We can’t give too much as far as tips yet, but it appears that longer-range weapons, fast-moving characters, and Controllers will all reign supreme on Breeze. The long sightlines make it perfect for players to snipe across, allowing for some solid dueling potential for all you Operator fans. Fast-moving characters simply will be able to cross these long sightlines much faster, catching enemies with close-range weapons off guard. And of course, Controllers will dominate due to their ability to deny enemies favorable angles to snipe from.

Breeze is planned to release with Valorant patch 2.08 next week.

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