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The Taken King Confirmed Destiny Related Due To Marketing For Red Bull

by William Schwartz


Back in early May we reported on the trademark filing for ‘The Taken King’ and suspected it to be Destiny related. It seems now that our guess was true and recent marketing materials have been spotted in the wild with cross-promotion with Red Bull.

The image comes from Twitter user AgriosEndendros who spotted the image on the packaging of Red Bull with confirmation of affiliation with Destiny. The website where you are to go to redeem the code currently has a 404 page as it is likely not up yet but the ‘’ reverts to ‘’ so something is definitely planned for the future.


The front of the box mentions ‘Flamesword’ who is a pro-gamer sponsored by Red Bull. So maybe this is a cross-promotion to play the expansion with the pro-gamer? At this point everything will be merely speculation on what the Destiny content might entail. All that is confirmed is that in typical Activision fashion, if you pick up special marked boxes of Red Bull and put the code in, you will get bonus XP and “an Epic Quest”.

Destiny fans have a lot to wish for with the upcoming DLC/Expansion ‘The Taken King‘, but at this point when information is scarce, one can only guess. However, the recent trademark filing for ‘Eververse’ by Bungie could lead to it’s inclusion in the upcoming DLC. I guess we will have to wait for E3 2015 which is just a few short weeks away.


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