This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct isn’t Real, but Hopefully it Will be Soon

Crafting multiple items, better inventory management, and conversation skipping!

by Kyle Hanson

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a really great game, you can read all about how much we loved it in our review. But with that greatness comes a lot of odd complaints. They may seem nitpicky to outsiders, but the more we play the game the more they bother us and our fellow players. Small things like crafting multiple items, or fumbling around with the interface and inventory just add time and frustration to the experience. And while there’s no official news on upcoming updates, a fan has created the perfect Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct presentation to show off what the game could be.

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Created by YouTuber Nick Ha the video perfectly matches up with the Nintendo Direct style we’ve all come to know and love. More than that though, it shows off some really amazing fan-created concepts about how the game could be improved. These include long awaited changes like crafting using items from your home storage, quick-buttons for use and dropping items, and much much more. We previously called out a few of these as potential changes in future updates, but there’s far more ideas presented here.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has already seen many changes to the experience, including seasonal events being modified to fit player feedback. It’s obvious that Nintendo is listening to fans and plans to keep the game updated fairly regularly. Of course, changes like this take a lot of time to develop and implement, so even if they got the message already, it will likely take a while before we see systemic changes like this video presents. Hopefully they’re coming though, because watching this video really did make me and many others hope for a better future for the game.

Let’s see if a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct gets scheduled some time soon and all hope for the best.

Imagine Animal Crossing with the quality-of-life features we actually want

- This article was updated on May 7th, 2020