This Leaked GTA 6 Map is Probably Real Based on Trailer Gameplay

This could be the first look at the updated Vice City.

by Diego Perez
Vice City at night in Grand Theft Auto VI
Image: Rockstar Games

After a seemingly endless wait, Rockstar Games has finally revealed the first official look at Grand Theft Auto VI. While the game’s first trailer focused on introducing Lucia, one of its two main protagonists, we also got a good look at Vice City.

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The trailer cuts through a rapid-fire series of viral moments featuring the behavior of the average Florida resident, but if you look past the craziness, you can see quite a few parts of Vice City and the state of Leonida on display. The iconic Vice City boardwalk is washed in waves of neon, Vice Beach is incredibly packed, and alligators are getting into places where they’re not supposed to be.

Of course, even though it’s the first official look at the game, it’s not the first time we’ve learned information about GTA 6. There have already been several leaks, including extended looks at gameplay, but the Grand Theft Auto VI map has also been mostly leaked ahead of the game’s official reveal. The GTA leaks community has put together a general idea of what the game’s map will look like and placed multiple landmarks already.

A fanmade mockup by avatar-sd on DeviantArt has been widely accepted as one of the best representations of the leaked map. While it takes some creative liberties with store locations and area names, the general layout of the map is accurate based on all of the leaked information that’s out there.

Image: avatar-sd

Now that the first official GTA 6 trailer is out, however, fans have been comparing the footage to the leaked map to see if anything lines up. Eagle-eyed fans have already found multiple parts of the trailer that line up with the leaked map information, meaning that the map leaks are most likely real. The nighttime shot of a Vice City highway lines up with an area in the middle of the leaked map, for example, as does the shot of a bridge crossing the crystal clear waters of Leonida.

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If this seems farfetched, just remember that the map of Red Dead Redemption 2 was leaked before that game was even announced and it ended up being nearly 100% accurate. The fanmade mockups of the GTA VI map might be a little bit off and take a few creative liberties, but the overall structure of the map and city layout is basically set in stone.

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Of course, we won’t get our first look at the GTA 6 map until the game finally launches in 2025. That’s still a long way off, though, but we’ll get a few more looks at Grand Theft Auto VI’s world and characters throughout 2024 as Rockstar Games drops more trailers leading up to the launch window. The game’s first trailer solely focused on Lucia, so it only makes sense that a Jason-centric trailer is coming up sometime soon.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2023

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