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Total War Warhammer: Isabella von Carstein Gameplay Details Released

by Joshua Evans


Fans of the Vampire Counts rejoice, as you are getting a brand new legendary lord. On the other hand the Vampire Counts are also getting split up, with Vlad and Isabella getting their own faction, of Carstein, based out of Schwartzhafen (originally a minor faction). So a wee bit of a Vampire civil war going on here. Probably for the best as during most of my campaigns the Vampire Counts were the most powerful faction by late game, so now they will have another power to knock them down a peg.

Isabella von Carstein’s shtick seems interesting, and horrendously powerful. Hero and monstrous units under Isabella’s command are more powerful, and she has an easier time recruiting the heroes. Her main ability is much more unique, Isabella and Vlad are more powerful if they are reinforcing each other on the battlefield, lending some pretty massive buffs. Not exactly something that has been done in Total War: Warhammer before, so it is going to be interesting to see how it works out. Character wise, during her speeches Isabella seems much more reserved compared to the other Legendary Lords, not like that is saying much however. Though you have to wonder why any of the Vampires bother with speeches seeing as their armies are mindless dead thralls.

The only downside to this amazing character arriving in Total War: Warhammer, is that as of right now, Isabella being added as a free update hinges on Total War: Warhammer winning the Make War not Love event that takes place every Valentine’s Day. What will happen if we lose is not yet revealed, however lost event Total War: Attila was stated to get the Slavic factions for free if they won the event, and when they did not the Slavic Factions were sold as DLC later on. Who knows what the situation will be this time?

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