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Two Big Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games Hit Today

by Kyle Hanson


Xbox One Backward Compatibility just continues to grow and grow with Microsoft and their third party partners working together to bring Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. While the feature has expanded over the last couple of years the question has come up of whether or not there are any big games left to port over. Today the answer still seems to be “no” as two big AAA titles were just announced for Xbox One Backward Compatibility: Mafia II and Prey.

This is the original Prey of course, not the new one that was released by Bethesda. This game was a cult hit, though it never found the large audience it seemed to be looking for. Featuring some very unique at the time elements, such as size manipulation, teleportation portals, and a very interesting story, the game was loved by many.

Mafia II was also decently praised, earning a 74% rating on Metacritic for the Xbox 360 version. The game recently saw a sequel across the latest platforms, which was received similarly. The Mafia franchise has become a big one for a lot of gamers, so having the second title available to play on Xbox One is very nice.

If you already bought these games digitally then they’ll be available right away to download on your Xbox One. If you have a disc just insert it to start the download. And if you don’t own them then you can buy them now on the store, with discounts being applied to celebrate this release.

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