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Uncharted Movie Delayed….Again

by William Schwartz


It’s been a rough ride for Sony’s film adaption of the massively popular Uncharted, with Nathan Drake’s transition to the big screen delayed again, Sony pictures have announced.

It was originally rumored, way back in 2010, that Mark Whalberg would star as Nathan Drake, with David. O Russell writing the film. In 2011, O’Russell left his role, with Sony supposedly displeased at his script, particularly the bevy of new characters that O’Russell had written in.

In 2011, it was reported that Neil Burger would write and direct the flick, but he also quit the project a year later.

Seth Gordon was the latest to take on the seemingly poisoned chalice of writer/director, with shooting set to begin earlier this year with the view of a 2016 release. Guardian’s of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt, reportedly turned down the role, and, rather inevitably at this point, Seth Gordon left his position a little earlier this year.

It’s been over half a decade in the making, but we’re no closer to knowing who will star Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, let alone compatriots Sully and Elena. A new date for the movie has been tentatively set for June 30th 2017.

Check back to Attack of the Fanboy over the coming months, where we’ll bring you news of the latest delay when it happens.


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