Attack of the Fanboy

Valve confirms Half Life Rumors are fake

by William Schwartz


Valve recently confirmed that the teaser image of Half Life 2 Episode 3 that took the interweb by storm last week is indeed “Fake”. A leaflet was circulated with a very simple depiction of the Half Life logo and and the shadow of face with a date that led to rumors of a possible Half Life 2 Episode 3 announcement at E3.  Valve got the ball rolling on this rumor with an email sent out to press about the cancellation of the Portal 2 event with a surprise to take it’s place.  Valve head Gabe Newell sent a fan-site a private message putting these rumors to bed.

“it isn’t Ep 3” and in response to the black leaflet with silhouette “Fake”. – Gabe Newell

Sure, sure it’s possible that its all an elaborate scheme, but on the brightside Valve fans still have a “surprise” to look forward to.  Now if you don’t mind we’re gonna go cry ourselves back to sleep.

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