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Wasteland 3 Release Date Pushed Back to August

From late spring to early fall.

by Brandon Adams


InXile’s much anticipated Wasteland 3 has been hit with another delay, this time thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. Eager fans need to shift their expectations, because they will have a giant hole in their gaming schedule to fill.

The Wasteland 3 release has been moved from May to August.

In a tweet shared by the official Wasteland Twitter account, inXile Studio Head Brian Fargo announced Wasteland 3 will now release on August 28th, 2020 due to the challenges that have arisen from having the team work-from-home. Fargo assured fans that all the feedback coming out of the beta has more time to percolate, and the team is better suited to address it with this delay. Or, as Fargo puts it, “…the last thing we want is to have anything but an amazing launch for a product we truly believe in.”

I can’t say this is entirely unexpected. Anything launching in May and beyond was likely to be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and I fully anticipate Wasteland 3 is just the first of many upcoming delays. It’s not what we may want, sure, but these developers taking care of their people and placing their health first is more important than rushing to meet a release date. We’ll see who else announces a delay in the coming weeks, but for now Wasteland 3 fans will have to tide themselves over until the end of August.

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