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Weird Apex Legends Bug Plays Music in Players’ Games for Some Reason

Do you hear the people sing?

by Gordon Bicker


Apex Legends has seen an immense deal of success as one of the biggest battle royales on the market, but along with its popularity, it has also seen its fair share of bugs over the years.

From glitches wiping PlayStation player’s progress to kill-stat distortions, and so many more to count. Perhaps one of the strangest Apex Legends bugs of all started just recently in the form of strange music playing in certain matches.

The cause of this bizarre glitch is yet to be unveiled by Respawn and numerous reports have been coming in from players such as the report above by Redditor ‘Skyrider_Epsilon‘.


How Are Players Responding to the Apex Legends Bug?

The bug itself has been critically received by players in a variety of ways. Some have found it frustrating presumably because it has been impacting their gameplay experience, whereas others have been taking it with a grain of salt and seeing some humility within it.

The glitch has furthermore allowed players another avenue for noise suppression, with Redditor ‘xOverDozZzed’ pointing out:

Same here, it’s just another suppression for hiding enemy noise.

This showcases that every bug’s impact varies from player to player and for strange glitches of a notable degree; they can even bring players back to the games they haven’t played in a long time.


When Will the Glitch be Fixed? How Can I Fix the Glitch?

There has been no word from Respawn Entertainment as of yet about an estimated time of arrival for a fix. However, it is likely that the more reports they obtain, the quicker they will be to look into the issue as higher awareness is spread.

For the time being, certain players will be hearing a symphony of music coming from their speakers. Quite literally turning Apex Legends into a musical battleground instead. Some players have noted being able to fix the glitch by turning off their in-settings music entirely.

Apex Legends is available for free on every major platform including on mobile stores through IOS or the Google Play Store. Will you be trying to encounter this glitch yourselves?

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