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Resident Evil Village: How to Solve the Music Box Puzzle

Repair the music box to solve the puzzle.

by Diego Perez


The music box puzzle is one of the most challenging parts of the House Beneviento section of Resident Evil Village. This part of the game is filled with puzzles and doesn’t involve much combat. After finding the door combination code on the Wedding Ring, you’re taken to a room with a broken music box. You need to fix it in order to get an item that will help you retrieve the film from the doll’s mouth. Here’s how to solve the music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

How to Solve the Music Box Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

The music box puzzle is fairly straightforward. The parts are out of order, and you need to rearrange them to make the box play the song correctly. It seems complicated at first, but all you really need to do is pay attention to the details. Each piece has scratches on it, and you can use these to line up the pieces in the right order. Just match the lines together and you’ll solve the puzzle in no time. You can also see the solution to the puzzle below.


Once you have all the pieces arranged in the correct order, press the play button and the music box will play a tune. A compartment will open revealing the Tweezers. You can use these to retrieve the film strip from the doll’s mouth in the Doll Workshop, so head back there. Inspect the mannequin’s mouth, use the Tweezers to retrieve the film, and make your way to the study for yet another puzzle.

House Beneviento is filled with puzzles and all sorts of non-combat challenges, and you’re not even close to being done with this place after repairing the music box. Many more challenges await, so check out our House Beneviento walkthrough if you need help getting through this creepy doll house.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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