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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot Brings Nazi Killing to VR

"If you haven't fought Nazis in VR, you don't know what you're missing!"

by Kyle Hanson


You don’t normally expect to hear about murdering Nazis at E3, but when Wolfenstein is the topic, it pretty much always comes up. This was the case at E3 2019’s Bethesda Showcase where a brand new Wolfenstein game was announced for VR platforms called Wolfenstein Cyberpilot. The announcement wasn’t heavy on details, but you can sort of assume what’s coming from Bethesda’s previous VR efforts.

You play as a hacker working for the French resistance, taking control of Nazi warmachines in order to turn them against the enemy. As MachineGames Executive Producer explained, “If you haven’t fought Nazis in VR, you don’t know what you’re missing!” And that’s the throughline of the Wolfenstein Cyberpilot announcement. The game lets you experience the fun of the franchise, but in VR. Set to release in July, players won’t have too long to wait to see if he’s right about that.

Previous Bethesda VR titles have taken their major franchises and either offered the same experience in VR or went for a more self-contained adventure. This seems to fit in the latter category, much like Doom VFR. Not much else was shared about the game though, so keep checking back as Bethesda and MachineGames offers up more details as the game gets closer to release. Will it hit PSVR and PC VR platforms at the same time? We should know soon.

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