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World Of Final Fantasy’s PAX West Trailer Showcases Anime Style Cutscenes

by Dean James


World of Final Fantasy is the latest spinoff in the long running franchise, and there is no question it looks quite different from much of the franchise, which is especially seen in the latest trailer for the game from PAX West.

The art style in World of Final Fantasy is definitely one of its standout features, though it appears there are a few different types found within.

In this trailer, the two lead characters start off in a world that looks similar to what you would expect from any modern Final Fantasy game. However, when they go through a special doorway, they enter a very different looking place.

At this point, we are treated to some beautiful anime style cutscenes that has the two leads in this chibi anime form, who are alongside similar versions of characters we recognize like Cloud, Squall, and Tidus.

We already knew that the game features chibi characters, but it was really neat to see them in the anime form we see in the trailer as well. Hopefully these types of scenes are present in the main game as well and aren’t just used as marketing for the game, because they really do fit well.

World of Final Fantasy will be releasing for PS4 and PS Vita on October 25.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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