Xbox Confirms Game Pass Release Dates Coming Very Soon: Starfield, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, and More

Here's when we can expect release dates for some of the biggest games coming out in 2023.

by Noah Nelson

In June 2022, Xbox had a massive showcase where they revealed several new IPs and sequels, many of which were coming to Game Pass later in 2022 and midway through 2023. Since it is now 2023, it has been about six months since we’ve had an update on when we can expect huge games like Starfield, Redfall, and Minecraft Legends to come out.

When Are New Game Pass Games Getting a Release Date?

Though we did get games like Pentiment, High on Life, and Grounded on Game Pass in 2022, we are eagerly looking to the future for when we can expect the next set of heavy hitters. Luckily for us, a release date for many upcoming Game Pass games is coming sooner than you think.

On Twitter, @XboxGamePass has officially stated that “everything coming soon is coming soon.” While this tweet is cryptic, it does mean that we are in for a big announcement that will finally give us an update on when we can expect the promised 2023 games from last June’s showcase.

Obviously, since the tweet is very cryptic, there is no date for when we can expect an Xbox showcase that will update us on the scheduled 2023 games and perhaps games planned for 2024. The tweet may even suggest that an Xbox showcase isn’t happening soon, but that we can simply expect the scheduled 2023 games to come out fairly soon. Maybe the studios behind upcoming games will reveal release dates on their own.

The big games that we want to see a release date for are Starfield, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, and Ark 2, all of which are coming to Game Pass day one. Though there are some really interesting and exciting games on the 2023 Game Pass list that we would also love an update on like Flintlock and Cocoon, we would settle for knowing when to expect those six main heavy hitter Game Pass games.

For now, we wait and check out Atomic Heart, a day one Game Pass game that we know is coming February 21, 2023, and looks absolutely terrific.

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023

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