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Xbox Live Deals With Gold Bring Back Former THQ Games From The Grave

by Dean James


Xbox Live presented us with a very eclectic and solid slate of sales as part of last week’s Deals With Gold. This week’s offerings on Xbox Live definitely pale in comparison, but there are still plenty of good games to find.

Xbox One gets scaled back massively with only one game on sale, with both the regular and Gold Edition of Far Cry 4. The game is also on sale for Xbox 360 as well. The underrated Assassin’s Creed Rogue is also on sale through Xbox Live, though the price is still a little high for a last-gen game that many think will come to the current-gen consoles at some point.

The majority of the games in the Xbox Live sale come from Nordic Games, including not only their own products like ArcaniA, as well as many of the library of THQ games that Nordic Games bought out. These include Darksiders, Darksiders II, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.

Xbox One Game Sales

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
Far Cry 4Xbox One Game33%
Far Cry 4 Gold EditionXbox One Game33%

Xbox 360 Game Sales

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
Assassin’s Creed RogueGames On Demand33%
Far Cry 4Games On Demand40%
Walking Dead Survival InstinctGames On Demand80%
Payday 2Games On Demand75%
Nordic Games
ArcaniAGames On Demand75%
de Blob 2Games On Demand75%
DarksidersGames On Demand80%
Darksiders IIGames On Demand80%
Darksiders II Argul’s TombAdd-on50%
Darksiders II Death Rides PackAdd-on50%
Darksiders II Season PassAdd-on50%
Deadfall AdventuresGames On Demand90%
Elements of DestructionArcade75%
Frontlines Fuel of WarGames On Demand75%
Frontlines Fuel of War Map PackAdd-on75%
Jeopardy!Games On Demand85%
Jeopardy! New Clues PackAdd-on50%
JUJUGames On Demand50%
MX vs. ATV Reflex Track Pack 1Add-on50%
MX vs. ATV SupercrossGames On Demand33%
Red Faction ArmageddonGames On Demand86%
Red Faction Armageddon Path to WarAdd-on50%
Red Faction Armageddon Ruin PackAdd-on50%
Red Faction Guerilla – Demons of the BadlandsAdd-on50%
Red Faction Guerilla – Smasher PackAdd-on50%
Rocket RiotArcade75%
The OutfitGames On Demand80%
The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief Ep. 2Arcade75%
The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief Ep. 3Arcade75%
Wheel of FortuneGames On Demand75%
Wheel of Fortune The Puzzle PackAdd-on50%

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