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Xbox Live Down – Sign-In Issues hit Xbox One

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: All issues have been resolved

Original Story: Xbox Live went down a moment ago, with sign-in issues reported across Xbox One and the main Xbox website. These issues essentially lock most owners out of the core functions of the console, which relies heavily on Xbox Live to deliver game and streaming content. The Xbox Live down event just began, with Microsoft seeming to have further issues with their support pages. We’ll be keeping this article updated with further information as the event develops.

Currently the Xbox Live status page won’t even load, hinting that this is a deeper problem than most outages before it. The only word out of Microsoft is from the official Support Twitter account, which released a tweet saying “We’ve got the proper teams investigating sign-in issues across Xbox One consoles & our website. We’ll provide more info when we have it!”

UPDATE: Some users are now able to get in, and the status page is back up. However, others are still locked out and the page reports that Xbox Live Core Services are down.

The timing of this outage couldn’t be much worse, hitting the US right when most people are getting home from work. Personally, turning on my Xbox One is one of the first things I do once I get home, either to play a game or watch some YouTube and Netflix. With Xbox Live out both of the streaming apps are broken, and many games won’t load, if they rely heavily on multiplayer.

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