Xbox One Hackers release SDK for potential homebrew

by AOTF Staff

An Xbox One hacking group that calls themselves notH4LT has seemingly released the latest Software Development Kit (SDK) for the console.  For those looking at cracking into the console for things like homebrew applications, this is another step closer to making that a reality on the Xbox One.

While it’s entirely likely that hackers and modders have been looking for ways to circumvent security for the console in the last year since release, this public dissemination of the November SDK will certainly give those working on hacking the console inroads to the system’s previously inaccessible bits.

XPGamesaves reports that they’ve received comment from the group who released the SDK, and that they shared it to usher in change, saying that they think it’s something that the Xbox One community should have access to.

“We shared the SDK to try and influence the new change.  If we want something, we work together… We aim to give what the community should have,” reads a quote on the site.

That “something” that they want is homebrew, apparently.  But anyone that has followed these things over various generations and devices will know that homebrew eventually leads to piracy, as it’s essentially allowing unsigned code to run on the machine.  While piracy has not been a a problem at all for the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 definitely saw issues with protecting the system from running pirated software.

Whether these homebrew applications will become a reality on the Xbox One is yet to be seen, but it looks like there is a large segment of modders and hackers starting to pry into the code to give it a go.