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Xbox One Listing For Mech-Shooter Hawken Spotted

by Mike Guarino


It looks like the PC mech-shooter Hawken may be making its way to the Xbox One soon, as a listing for the game has been spotted for an Xbox One version of the game recently. The listing comes from the Taiwanese game rating board, with 505 Games listed as the publisher.

The game originally released in Early Access on February of 2014, garnering lots of acclaim from a variety of publications. It has been a while since the developer has given an update on the game, however, with the last one being in November of last year. You can check out the tasks completed since the more recent update by clicking right here, and check out the upcoming tasks they had planned below.

  • More UI work
  • Supporting a partner who may make an announcement as early as this week. So keep your Google news alerts tuned to Hawken :)
  • Get the replacement game server host up for Ashburn. The Ashburn host was taken out a earlier than expected, so there will be about a week until the replacement will be ready
  • Start to convert our DEV and Staged environments over to use the * domain scheme
  • Start work on creating new mech platforms  This is the code-level stuff used by new mechs.

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding when the game might see its release. However, considering that publisher 505 Games is expected to be making an appearance at E3, an official announcement might be right around the corner.

- This article was updated on:June 28th, 2016

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