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Xbox One S: Microsoft to Offer Free Kinect Adapters at Launch

by Kyle Hanson


Kinect was a pretty big push for Microsoft when the Xbox One was first unveiled. Games were shown off for the device, and voice commands were integrated into the very core of the user experience. However, lately the peripheral has been on the out, with most consoles not even including a Kinect in store. The recent announcement of the Xbox One S has raised some questions about the Kinect, and its future. We were able to ask Microsoft about them at E3 2016, and it seems they’re still supporting it, but with some caveats.

The Xbox One S will indeed support Kinect, even though it doesn’t include an actual port for the device. So, how will it support Kinect? Via an adapter that Microsoft will offer to new owners some time around launch.

In fact, there is a standalone port on the back of the Xbox One S that is there just for the Kinect, but it is a USB port, rather than the proprietary connector that is on the standard Xbox One. You can actually check this out in our up close look at the new console from E3 2016. Players will have to have the adapter if they want to continue using their Kinect, which will be gotten through a website that should appear after the Xbox One S launch.

The Xbox One S hits stores in August 2016.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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