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Xbox One X Debuts with 80,000 Sales in the UK

by Jose Belmonte


Microsoft’s Xbox One X has pulled some impressive sales in its debut in the United Kingdom. The console has managed to sell 80,000 copies in five days, with a majority of them being Project Scorpio Editions, which were limited to the launch of the console and feature small cosmetic differences with the regular edition. The popularity of this version suggests that most of the customers on the first week were fans mobilized by the company’s strong promotional campaign, tagging the hardware as “The World’s Most Powerful Console.”

While the 80,000 number given by estimates the number of consoles sold to retailers, raw data indicates that 67,000 consoles were sold to customers. Compared to other recent console releases, the Xbox One X faired in line with the debuts of Nintendo Switch, which sold 80,000 consoles in two days, and above the PS4 Pro, which sold over 50,000 in three days. Aside from the difference in days, it’s also worth rembering that both the Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro were heavily supply constrained.

Overall it’s a very good result for Microsoft, which in the past months seemed to be losing relevance in the hardware market behind PS4’s superior userbase and exclusive lineup and Nintendo Switch’s strong performance since its launch. We certainly loved the Xbox One X’s attempt to reach new visual heights, saying in our review that “While other consoles may have taken a half-step measure when it comes to 4K gaming, Microsoft appears convinced that this is the future, and that future is bright and beautiful on the Xbox One X.”


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