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Xbox One and PS4 can’t compare to PC Graphics, says Nvidia

| September 25, 2013

Xbox One and PS4 can't compare to PC Graphics, says Nvidia  News  Xbox One PS4 NVIDIA

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will usher in a new generation of graphics for console gamers, but will they already be behind the curve? According to Nvidia’s Tony Tamasi, yes, they will. In a recent interview the Nvidia executive explained why it’s “no longer possible for a console to be better or more capable graphics platform than the PC.”

Speaking with PC Power Play, Tamasi explained that while older consoles came closer to PC-level graphics at launch due to practices of the industry. “Now we’re building GPUs at the limits of what’s possible with fabrication techniques. Nobody can build anything bigger or more powerful that what is in the PC at the moment. It’s just not possible, but that wasn’t the case in the last generation of consoles. Taken to the theoretical limits, the best any console could ever do would be to ship a console that is equal to the best PC at that time. But then a year later it’s going to be slower, and it still wouldn’t be possible due to the power limits.”

With the length of console generations increasing, this has been increasingly noticeable with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Noticeable differences in graphics can be seen between the PC and consoles at the moment, and this is especially true for games that take full advantage of PC potential. Over the last few years we’ve seen games like Metro, Battlefield, and Crysis push PCs to levels that can’t be achieved on consoles.

While we may not be able to tell the difference for the first couple of years, time will tell if the design decisions of the Xbox One and PS4 will hold up against advancements by Nvidia and AMD in the coming years.

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  • dave mcnair

    People like having the one balanced platform & the sheer simplicity of consoles. Watching devs get more out of them through the years has become part of their charm. Gta5 has shown its more about advancement s in the software than the machines themselves. The PS4 for example is at least 10 times more powerful than PS3. I think that’s more than enough & its over to the developers from here to make the most of it. Pc fans are never happy with their treatment & console fans are. Console gaming is more social & popular for many reasons. Power isn’t everything obviously

    • EP1C

      Well said sir!

    • jaskdavis


    • GK15

      Great point

  • njb

    Pure power hasnt held back Console gaming. go back to the Atari 2600 or even the Pong Consoles from before that.

    If Graphics and power were all that mattered then we wouldnt have console’s. Simple fact is PC’s that have dirty hardware are more poweful but its the Console side of the industry that has always pushed what can be done creatively.

    The Console’s dictate when its next-gen. Its just a fact.

    I like PC but for me the golden age of PC gaming has passed, it dies out for me with Half-life, Comand & conquer, Counterstrike. Now days its just MMO’s and DOTA games, plus now everyone thinks they can make games with kickstarter.

    Its like a repeat of the Crash in 83, everyone thought they could code games and make money but the market was just flooded with SH1T. And consumers lost trust.

    Without Console’s you wouldnt have a gaming industry, most Big PC developers roots are in Console gaming, you owe Console’s respect.

    • Pine

      The limitations of console hardware has most certainly held back advancements in visual fidelity in games, however – and it will continue to do so.

      Just imagine a Console with a Titan or R9 290X GPU, and high-spec Intel Processor. Imagine what games would look like if developers could write directly to that kind of hardware.

      Also; Star Citizen.

  • Facts First

    “People like having the one balanced platform & the sheer simplicity of consoles” aka PC gaming is too expensive and complicated for me.

    • Duke

      Your probably 14 years old and couldn’t even afford a Snickers bar, let alone a gaming PC.

      • DiFiasco

        with a comment like that – I’d wager that you’re the one who’s 14 – and I will guarentee that you have a Snicker’s bar.

        • Duke

          I’d be willing to wager with you… I be 19 mate and with a steady. well paying job… So it’ll be safe to say I can afford a Snickers bar. But then again, age is just a number and I’ll be the first to admit I still act like a child haha.

          • DiFiasco

            Well you just did…again. Keep listening and learning, fella. If you don’t like people casting judgement on you, perhaps you should read a little story about a black kettle and a wee argument he had with a pot.

        • Private draken

          Ya this ‘duke’ kid has been attacking everyone on this thread saying how console is the king of kings and without consoles PC wouldnt even have gaming. Clearly showing his lack of knowledge.

          • Duke

            This “Duke” kid, is 19… And not once have I said that console is King of Kings… and way to twist words (are you a journalist by any chance). I stated that without consoles… PC gaming would not be where it is today… I’m not talking about PS2-PS3 era consoles… I’m talking about Sega, NES, Atari.. These are the guys who truly started the industry. And sorry that my lack of “15 years gaming knowledge” doesn’t adhere to your “knowledge”.

            PS. Is replying to comments on this website now referred to as attacking. Funny thing is, most of the comments I have made, were replies to you.

          • Thomas McBrearty

            How is he attacking? If you think that comment is classed as “Attacking”, then god-know’s how you cope in the real world pal..?

        • Allen

          You have not been here long enough to know who facts first is. Read up on a few of his comments and you shall be informed.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Low-blow but OK…

    • dave mcnair

      Facts First : also known as the Village Idiot or the Class Clown. The blinded fanboy who knows not when to stop. Also see Daft wee fanny who seeks eternal attention. I think you actually must be doing Sony’s PR. & a brilliant job you’re doing i must say. Even xbox fans all think you’re an embarrassment. One day your balls might drop along with the proverbial penny.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        How so?

        • dave mcnair

          Because his mind closed before he was even born

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Duke

    It’s funny how PC gamers hate on console gamers, yet PC game’s are reliant on console versions. With the massive upgrade in available memory for developers to utilize, PC versions are only going to get better.

    But sure, you can say that PC’s have far more power anyway… But considering Naughty Dog were able to push the graphical boundaries to the limits of the PS3 with the Last of Us, it also looked as good as some PC games with newer, more powerful hardware.

    Console games will always benefit from the fact that games can be utilized, knowing that each console the game is built on, will each have the same exact hardware and will be optimized on that hardware… PC games will always suffer from games being built to also cater to people with weaker hardware than most PC gamers.

    PS. I own a gaming PC, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and a Wii… with a PS4 on order… Gaming is gaming, no matter what you play on.

    • joshuaosborne

      so if i own a ps3 and a computer, can i play all the new ps4 games on my computer? makes no sense to buy the ps4 then to me. And i boutght the ps1 ps2 and the ps3 before I realized that I was just being scammed into buying a lie

      • Duke

        What the hell are you talking about…

        • joshuaosborne

          lol i think i was trying to make a point about how computers are here forever and a ps4 is a temporary . lol i dont know wtf i was saying lol

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Have to say i’m both PC and Console gamer and i prefer console, I use my pc to play MMO’s mainly and the odd xbox “exclusive” i wanted to play and it can be complex and you can have issues with games that you will never get with a console.

    I know what i’m doing on PC to a certain degree but i remember having a nightmare getting mods to work like dayz

  • Wizard of Peace

    I hate when PC gamers hate on consoles, because honestly gaming wouldn’t be as far or good as it is today with out consoles.

    • Private draken

      It would be much better. Consoles have held back developers for many years now, having to wait years between console cycles where as the pc doesnt need that.

      • Duke

        PC games are dumbed down to cater to minimum specs so that more people can play the games… A lot of development time is wasted to adhere to those changes… Where as a console has all the same specs and will be optimized to those specs. Not everyone wants to spend over $1000 just so they can play every game in ultra.

        • Private draken

          You dont need to spend $1000 to get a pc that can play most titles on medium. Consoles hold back developement, that is a fact. You can see from the leap in graphics horse power from ps3 to ps4. That leap could of happened 5 years ago, but it didnt. Because the console market is so big and juicy, lots of developers made content for them. But they are limited by hardware, but they make the console version the flagship version because it will generate more sales.

          PC is better and will always be better and console has only slowed down game evolution. Thank god they finally came to their senses and stopped trying to use their own stupid architectures.

          And P.S, Last of Us has shit graphics, its just done very well so it looks amazing.

          • Duke

            Playing games on Medium settings is pretty much the same graphical quality of console gaming. I know this since I also play games on my gaming PC. Sure, in terms of size… Consoles have held back PC gaming, I stated this in another comment. But they are home consoles… Coming out with a new console every 2-3 years, would kill these companies and screw up the market, not to mention piss off the developers.

            Sure PC gaming is better, but it’s a smaller market… Developers know this… Just happens to be why some PC games are coming to consoles, or why PC games come after consoles… Because they aren’t where the numbers lie. Not to mention, it’s a well known fact that it’s a god damn hassle to deal with… Constantly updating hardware, just so you can keep those steady frame rates and high quality graphics… It’s tedious and far more expensive, got the money? By all means, go for it… But the majority of people won’t.

            That statement right there, proves you are an elitist who isn’t exactly thinking… The PS3 is 7 years old…. Using tech that is 7 years old, not mention, very little leg room to create this huge game… They made easily one of the best games ever and it was an absolutely brilliant game graphically. Your a douchebag elitist, who thinks with his wallet and not his brain.

          • Allen

            Actually you do. I just built one for my little bro. Yes you can get away with $500-$600 without monitor but you will have to do constant upgrades. $1,000 is where we ended with windows and a monitor and that was 8gb ram but decent processor & card. Still some games he’s gonna have to play with the settings.

            PC doesn’t evolve until consoles do true meaning its less valuable to go PC deal with price and headaches

            I’m PS3/PS4 & PC

          • Private draken

            Bought my PC for $800 5 years ago. Still plays every single game that has come out to PC to date. If you fucking stupid then yes, will cost you out of your arse.

          • Allen

            Well fk you too ass hole. This is Allen BTW

            I fking said $1000 with monitor and windows so you at $800 is right in line with what I fking said bastard.

            I don’t know about it lasting 5 years but I suppose so, not on high settings but sure. Still far more expensive than console gaming, without the support and exclusives a console has and a funky UI for big screen TV’s for everything other than gaming thanks to Big Picture Mode.

            I have a PC as well, I just prefer consoles. They give me far more in every category and no headache’s. It’s nice to be able to rely on having a console that you don’t gotta play with the settings on, upgrade or deal with the consequences. PC can look like $hit and run like $hit if you don’t know what you are doing or stay on top of it.

            You cannot deny that a true high end PC is thousands upon thousands of dollars. The card pictured above, one of the best on the market is $1000 alone.

          • GK15

            Lol! Try playing Crysis 3 (or 2) on a $800 PC from 5 years ago

          • Allen

            The Titan card pictured above is $1000 alone. If you want a factory overclocked processor that could cost you $1000 alone.

            You can spend thousands more on a PC just for a few more frames per second, big library but full of cheap games. PC doesn’t have the support consoles do.

            I’m still interested in this Steam OS but until it’s released PC gaming is just becoming less and less viable.

      • Wizard of Peace

        Consoles do hold Pc gaming back a bit. Consoles are always worth it in the long run because their cheaper and have better games. Yes we may not have 120 FPS or you have a little better in the graphics department, but who cares? I dont!

      • Thomas McBrearty

        Developers have the choice to develop for the PC if they choose (Hence forth PC exclusive) They choose to hold themselves back by choosing to work with consoles; There are many games on PC which aren’t as good as console games graphically because again developers “Choose” to save money and work with specific hardware based on development costs etc. IF a development team decides to build a game on current-gen consoles and then port it over to PC..then so be it, a bit of gratitude that you have the damn game on your precious PC might help (lol).

        “having to wait years between console cycles where as the pc doesnt need that.”

        Lol good-god your difficult, go and play PC games that utilize powerful hardware then, in-fact why are you even on here? when you show no interest and have a clear vendetta against the decent thing and go and play your PC games LOL!

      • JAG

        No they don’t, but just for the sake of this argument, let’s assume they do; who you’re going to blame, Consoles or console gamers? Instead of crying over here, you should go to the developers who support consoles because they’re more reliable than PCs and provide better business.

  • Mattress

    What a refreshing article. They’ve finally written an article that gives Sony and MS fanboys something to band together for. We can rally, as console fanboys, together against the PC master-race! F*%# you, PC!

    • dave mcnair

      Lol matress ?

  • njb

    Their wouldnt be a gaming industry without Console’s.

    • Private draken

      How can you even say such a dumb statement ?

      Gaming was around and doing fine way before consoles even came around. It would of evolved and done just fine without the restrictions of the console world.

      Consoles have HELD back the gaming industry for years now, at least they are just basic computers now so they will stop doing that.

      • Duke

        Consoles are the reason PC gaming is where it is today… To say they have held the industry back is a borderline moronic statement.

      • njb

        its not a dumb statement.

        We have always had arcades but without consoles you wouldnt have an industry like today. Without Nintendo or Atari you wouldnt have anything but PC’s and arcades. And we would only have a few styles of games and thats it.

        Arcades almost became extinct, Personal Computers kept gaming alive after the crash til nintendo showed the world the NES.

        I cant imagine a world without Consoles, it would be empty. The Majority of the industry got involved because they played console’s in their childhood, teens and adult life.

        Their will always be a place for Dedicated Games Console’s.

        PC’s need Console’s & Console’s need PC’s. Its like Ying & Yang.

        You cant have one without the other.

        Theirs just something you cant explain with console’s, their just fun and magical. :)

      • DiFiasco

        LOL WHAT????

      • dave mcnair

        Used to play on pc but hated all the spoiled cry babies who were never happy with their set ups or their dumbed down games etc. Console players just get on with it & its all about the gaming & having fun. Consoles have been there since the beginning along with pcs. I respect both platforms at the end of the day.


    Build me a 400$ pc and we’ll compare how last in the next 6 years compared to consoles.

    I rest my case.

    • WADE13x

      usually you talk a lot of bullshit, BUT I agree with you on that

      • dave mcnair

        I know had to do a double take myself!!

    • Duke

      This may be the most sincere comment you have ever made… Just goes to show… When a war between console gamers and pc gamers rises, fanboys of each console will ally themselves to fight a common enemy, haha.

      • Guest



        “PC” video gamers can sometimes be the worst “video game” “fans”.

    • Wizard of Peace

      Did IHATEHIPSTERS just say something i agree with?

    • joshuaosborne

      that sh1t is outdated in 6 months. great point sir

  • WADE13x

    yea but PC doesn’t have the exclusives that I want

  • Duke

    The best thing about console gaming… Not having to worry about required specs or any of that crap… Just pop the disc in and play the game.

    • hotbbq

      Required specs arent a big deal, most games today can be played by any decent gaming computer from the last 3 years. If you are too stupid to do anything more than put in a disc, you need help

      • Duke

        Yes, most games can be played. But how well can they be played, what do you have to sacrifice to get a good frame rate to enjoy playing. That’s the problem with PC gaming. Not to mention when developers know what the exact specs of a console are, they develop specifically for those specs and get great quality from it. Look at The Last of Us or Beyond Two Souls for PS3, games that came out this year, developed on hardware that is 7 years old and produced that level of detail graphically and still played perfect.

        Where as PC has to waste valuable resources to build a game that can run well on minimum specs.

        I’m not hating on PC gaming. I have a gaming PC, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS and PS4 on order. Basically, I just love gaming and sure have my variety to choose from.

        One last thing –
        ‘If you are too stupid to do anything more than put in a disc, you need help”

        It’s not about how intelligent somebody is… It’s the simplicity. Gaming rigs take 4-8 hours to build and setup. Where as a console is ready out of the box and just needs a quick 15 minute setup, then you pop the disc in, install the game and your on your way. You do a lot with 8 hours in a game… Simplicity, right out of the box gaming… That’s the appeal.

  • DiFiasco

    Despite stating the obvious point that this is simply Nvidia acting butthurt over being locked out of the next console generation, I’ll simply point out that consoles are not about (nor have they ever been about) beating PCs. I have seen new Nvidia cards in action and they are impressive – but then the PC I saw it on cost more money than my entire entertainment system and it was heating the living room all by itself (perish to think what the electricity bill is). A single purchase that will continue to be relevant years after without the need for upgrade is what drives consoles forward. Tamasi cries out ‘PCs are BETTER!’ – ok…point?

  • Blarg

    No, he’s wrong. XBOX will always lead the industry in visuals.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • GK15

    Well this is obvious. I think Nvidia has sour grapes though because they missed the console train this Gen.

    How or why they let that happen, I will never know.

    • Allen

      I gotta say so far I’m not impressed with their project shield.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    This is the time when “Wii U”, “Playstation 4” and “Xbox One” fans unite to tackle the ultimate troll fanbase…known as the “PC Master Race”.


    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Why is there a downvote?

      I was supporting all video game consoles.

  • roozbeh, again

    Somebody is jealous…

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      PC fanboys?

  • JP

    obviously nvida

  • Kikieru

    ahh the old PC is better than console argument….

    well PC`s simplt cost more, consider AMDs new R8 gpu there top end which is a double whammy for nvidia as its 5 tflop gpu costs $600 dollars lowers the market price for top end performance for value. and both consoles contracted AMD for there hardware.. nvidia can p*ss and moan as much as they want.

    Consoles have there place looking at COD releases over 40mil units were sold on consoles and 2mil+ on PC, consoles are a rich market, due to there affordability, nintendos wii products and sold massively due to there affordability, if it wasnt for consoles we wouldnt have such a rich selection of varied games nor a games industry as big as it is, parents simply aint gona spend a $1000+ on a pc for there kids christmas pressent now are they.

    yes pc`s are better, but when you consider the cost of a better than console VS are how many people would spend that money, if it was still a PC only games industry, it would`nt be were it is today, making a pc for the same cost as a ps4/xbox one that yields the same or better performance unlikely, games consoles have alot of features focused on gaming that pc`s dont have, all in one box, simple to use, no need to google the hell out of things to improve it, its a one stop shop for features, I love the fact the ps4 has a seperate chip to install game data and is 3x the speed of ps3`s blur ray this alleviates install times significantly, MS xbox one Blu ray speed still ahsnt being released, nor have any implentation to reduce install times, pc`s I would either still have to install the game data and wait.. type my key in etc. register, its simple easy to use is also why people love consoles.

    considering an top end AMD r8 gpu and its cost yeah its the cheap, good price compared to a ps4,xone, but you still need the MB,mouse,keyboard,cpu, psu, case, memory, hard drives, etc, all these add up, so compared to a console, im just buying an all in one, ready to go, no need for further upgrades(hardware), one product to last 6 years(10year cycle 6 year life, 4 year overlap max is what MS/sony usually do). to play my games. yeah no mods for games, no modding community, but also no aim botting, mods to reveal were Iam on the map etc, but I believe the major problem with new consoles being more like PC`s is the potential for such things to come onto the consoles if they can be unlocked, more exploits in there systems, more patching, etc,

    MS`s xbox one I believe will have security issues due to there operating systems (xbox OS,MS derrived kernel and another OS using virtualisation to allow them to communicate) and it wont be long before we need anti malware/security software alot more on consoles and they will loose there simplicity in successive generations, and become potentially compromised in allowing people to create/install software to give them and edge in games, automation programs being the worst(aim bots, farming bots etc) in runining gameplay.

    also xbox cloud… over-rated, people believe its gona add a major improvement to the consoles games especially graphics, but its not that simple, the cloud due to latency issues(clouds internal routing, server latency) connection latency, yoru internet latency and all the nodes from ISP to the cloud, all these parts add up in terms of latency(delay) in data going back and fortth, these delays make it very impractical for real time rendering of graphics in games even at 30 FPS (alot of nex gen devs aiming for 30 now), the only real usefullness of the cloud is pre-computing data, and only in small amounts, such as dynamicaly changing maps, possibly pre-computing light maps, but it wont make the console siginificantly more graphical, the clouds many eyars away from that, largely due to the sever lack and varied download, upload and latency of peoples internet connections, and not to mention that xbox one from the technical perspective, it still costs resources (gpu/apu,mem) to implement the use of the cloud in a console which inturn will detract from the available resources to the game it self.

    these above, is why im most likely to choose a PS4, if I had the money, I would definately go PC due to the performance, technology, features, , modding community, steam etc.

    final note: Steam will be entering the console market soon, for them it can be a sink or swim, if they swim they could very well improve the console by providing a higher spec albeit higher cost consoles but we`ll jsut have to wait and see

    • hotbbq

      You are an idiot, people cheat on consoles too. There is no “r8 gpu”. Nobody buys a PC to play COD btw

  • guest

    Lol the only reason behind his ridiculous claims is that neither the PS4 nor xbone will use nvidia cards, simple as that.