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Xbox Scorpio Rumored to Support 4K Capture and Have Internal Power Supply


Details about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio have been hard to come by ever since the company announced their “most powerful console ever made” back at E3 2016.  We know it’s gonna be more powerful than the Xbox One, but speculation has been wide ranging regarding just how powerful the console will be.

A new report out of Windows Central gives us a couple of potential features that the Xbox Scorpio will have when it launches later this year.  According to the website’s “trusted sources” the Scorpio will feature an internal power supply, which would indicate that the console could look quite different than the original Xbox One model and something more in-line with the Xbox One S.

The report also suggests that Xbox Scorpio will be a “true 4K system” for streaming video like Netflix.  This much we assumed, but apparently it will also be able to stream out 2160p video at 60fps as well.  The game DVR functionality reportedly will allow you to record or stream clips in 4K and 60fps, which would be a huge jump from the current standards on the Xbox One console.

Just how much of this is true is unknown, as this report is coming from “sources” and nothing about the console has been officially nailed down by Microsoft themselves.  But, as we start to put the pieces together, 4K gaming, streaming/recording, and playback seem to be on the cards for the Xbox revamp.  Not everyone is convinced though.  Analyst Michael Pachter recently went on record to say that he doubted the console’s capabilities.

So when will we start getting concrete information from Microsoft themselves?  Phil Spencer has been on social media talking about the console off and on throughout the year.  In January, the Xbox boss said he wasn’t sure if details would be revealed before E3.  Though earlier this month Spencer confirmed a strong E3 presence, but that there was a possibility that a hardware specific event may be held prior to the June convention.  Spencer said that a hardware reveal ahead of the convention would allow Microsoft to focus on games at E3, which he said that prefers.

This wouldn’t be much different than the Xbox One reveal.  If you’ll remember, Microsoft held a reveal for the Xbox One that went over pretty poorly ahead of E3, at which point they completely shit the bed and got trumped by Sony in nearly every measurable way.

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference is being held a little early this year.  Mark the calendars for Sunday June 11th when there will definitely be details about the new console, but be on the lookout, there very well may be a hardware reveal coming between now and then.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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