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Xbox Project Scorpio Website No Longer Lists “High Fidelity VR” Under Features

by Dean James


The big closer at Microsoft’s E3 conference for the Xbox One was a glimpse into the future with a short video officially announcing that they were working on what is currently known as Project Scorpio. Information about the Scorpio has been pretty few and far between, but one feature promoted initially has now been removed from the official website.

During the announcement video for the Scorpio, a number of different features were mentioned, such as the system having 6 teraflops of power, 8 CPU cores, 320 GB/s memory bandwidth, and obviously the ability to do 4K gaming. Beyond these features, there was another very important one that was announced for the Scorpio that, as pointed out by a member on NeoGAF, has all of a sudden been removed from the official website.

That feature that was stated before was “high-fidelity VR,” which obviously had a lot of people excited. PlayStation VR released in 2016, along with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC, but Xbox currently has no VR support.

It made perfect sense that this souped up version of the Xbox One that is said to be much more of an upgrade than say the PS4 Pro was to the PS4 would support such a feature. However, the removal of this feature on the website is somewhat worrisome. it’s possible that it was just accidentally removed, but it’s also very possible it has been shelved for now in lieu of focusing on other features.

This lack of mention on the site does kind of go along with what Phil Spencer said last year as well, where he mentioned that he didn’t want to bring VR to Scorpio until the technology was more than just “demos and experiments.” At that time, he said he wasn’t sure when VR would come to Scorpio, even though it was being designed as VR-ready, so perhaps they just removed it because it won’t be supported at launch in any way. This is something we’ll just have to wait and see as the year goes on and more details of Scorpio are revealed though.

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