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Xbox One Update Coming in March

by William Schwartz


According to The Verge, Microsoft is hoping to release an Xbox One update in March as well as a new white console later this year.

The Verge reports that the update is set to include a number of fixes to the Xbox Live service such as party chat and various other social features. The update was first mentioned on a NeoGaf forum and since then The Verge has been able to verify the posts with a source close to them.

In the NeoGaf posts, the anonymous user also said that Microsoft plans to release a white Xbox One next to the launch of Sunset Overdrive. The Verge was able to confirm that Microsoft will indeed launch a white console, this should be similar to the employee only console that was seen near the launch of the Xbox One.

There were also rumors of a 1TB console and a console without a Blu-ray drive. Although there is no confirmation these will come to market, The Verge did confirm that Microsoft has been testing the Xbox One without the Blu-ray drive.

There was also mention of various world wide release dates that have not yet been announced. This is all in addition to other rumors surrounding a Halo 2 remake and Crackdown 3.

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