You Can Get Disney Speedstorm for Free in Early Access But There’s a Catch

Are you wanting to try Disney Speedstorm before buying?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Gameloft

Disney Speedstorm is racing into action with Mickey Mouse at the wheel, but some have been wary of the price tag steering the game awry. Early Access to Disney Speedstorm (before it becomes free for the full game) is gained by paying for the “Founders Pack.” It gives you a lot of extras for the game but it is essentially the only way to get early access to Disney Speedstorm — or so it was thought.

PlayStation Plus Premium Members can download a two-hour free trial for the game in order to play. It is unfortunate that yearly Playstation Plus Premium subscribers who are already paying above $100 for the service don’t get the full Early Access — instead just two hours. Nevertheless, it is still a way for players to try the game out rather than having to pay above $25 to enjoy Early Access to Disney Speedstorm.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is another game that has taken this exact same strategy. The offer of a free trial only lasts until the month of July for both games. This is of no surprise due to the fact that Gameloft is the developer of each title. It is likely that this has been a successful marketing strategy for Disney Dreamlight Valley in terms of offering paid Early Access and they may be testing the same for Disney Speedstorm.

Lots of games have recently been adopting an Early Access strategy with titles such as Sons of Forest having extreme player population success. Time will tell how many players flock to Disney Speedstorm but when you have Sonic & Sega All-Stars style racing combined with Disney, it is a recipe for success. An exact release date for Disney Speedstorm is not known yet but it is scheduled for 2023.

With the PlayStation Plus Premium free trial, there may be yet even more players who decide to delve into Early Access. The two hours will allow for a number of races but likely not as much as you would initially want. It is still a nice addition to have for the free trial so more people can get their hands on it.

- This article was updated on April 18th, 2023

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