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Yu Suzuiki confirms Shenmue 3’s stiff facial expressions are temporary

by Lewis White


The recent in-game trailer for Shenmue 3 showcased some truly gorgeous environments and lighting, while also showing some downsides to the upcoming third entry in the series. While some shade was thrown at the waxy appearance of the game’s new character models, most of the criticism was aimed at the trailer’s still facial expressions.

Looking at the trailer below, Shenmue 3 still has a ways to go–especially if the game wants to live up to the 16-year-long hype fans have for this sequel. Thankfully, the game’s creator Yu Suzuki has confirmed that the stiff expressions seen in the trailer are still just temporary.

In an interview with Japanese website Game Watch Impress, Suzuki confirmed that, “Yes, I have not put facials [in] yet. I put [in] facial expressions up to a month ago, but I removed it.” He also confirmed that the trailer shown is still footage from the “rough edition” that he grappled together in order to show the game at Gamescom.

Suzuki does not think the Shenmue story will be completed while he is still alive

Suzuki also talked about continuing the series after this third entry in the series. In the interview, Suzuki was asked whether he would want to continue the series after a fourth entry in the series. While he confirmed that he would like to make another game, he laughed and said that he does not think that the series will be completed while he is still alive.

Shenmue 3 may or may not be able to live up to its heritage. After all, the original games in the series are insanely detailed for their time and creating a game worth a 16-year wait would never be easy. Hell, if it was we might have Half Life 3 by now. Nevertheless, Shenmue 3 should hopefully be a good product by the end of its development and give fans the next chapter in Ryo’s story that they so desperately crave.

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