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Pokemon Sun and Moon Lycanroc Midnight Form Event Distribution Starts At GameStop This Week

by Dean James


Pokemon Sun and Moon were some of the most anticipated games of last fall and they certainly did not disappoint critically and financially, leading to it being incredibly hard to even find Nintendo 3DS systems for the holiday season. Throughout 2016 for the 20th anniversary, we got monthly Pokemon distributions and while they haven’t been quite as frequent this year, GameStop is readying up to have yet another starting this week.

As revealed by the official Pokemon website, the latest free event distribution for Pokemon Sun and Moon is starting up this Monday, May 15 via GameStop and it will be for Lycanroc (Midnight Form). While this Pokemon is actually able to be gotten rather easily in Pokemon Moon, Lycanroc (Midnight Form) is only available in Pokemon Sun through trade.

Even so, this is a rather strong version of Lycanroc (Midnight Form) that starts off at Level 50 and comes with the special ability No Guard. It comes with the moves Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch, and Swords Dance, so it should be very strong. Mixing these moves with No Guard, which makes them never miss is a strong combination. Making it even better is the Life Orb it holds that strengthens those moves at the cost of some HP on each hit.

Lycanroc follows the setup that GameStop has moved towards where you can get it through a special card with a code given out at GameStop from May 15 through June 5. You do not have to purchase anything to get one in store, so make sure to ask for one if you stop by.

To redeem the code on the code, fire up your copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon and select Mystery Gift. Then select Receive Gift and choose Get With Code/Password. Enter the code and then you will get your Lycanroc, which can be picked up from the deliveryman in any Pokemon Center after that point.

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