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Where are my Mass Effect Remasters and Why is PS4 Selling so Well? – AOTF Podcast #48

by Kyle Hanson


Hey, we’re back on a weekly schedule…for now. It’s the AOTF Podcast #48. This week Will and I talk about some big gaming news that has hit in the last week. The biggest was obviously the Mass Effect Andromeda release date announcement, which prompted a trip down memory lane.

Yes, it’s the age old argument of just how terrible the Mass Effect 3 ending was. While I was quite upset by it, Will wasn’t. The eventual altering of the ending by Bioware was seen by many fans as a great thing, making the game feel better and giving players more closure on the adventure that they’d sunk hundreds of hours into. Will disagrees though, arguing that video games are art (which I agree with), and saying that that means we should accept the original intended ending, warts and all.

This argument is a big one for video games, which are shifting toward a more fluid experience. In the old days, you bought a game and that was it; it never changed and the experience stayed the same. Now games are altered on the first day of release and this continues for months or even years. Does this hurt the artistic value of video games?

In less ethereal topics of conversation, where the hell are my Mass Effect remasters? With Mass Effect Andromeda just over two months away, you know what I’d like to replay? The entire Mass Effect Trilogy. You know what I can’t do without hooking up my old Xbox 360? Play the entire Mass Effect Trilogy. Seriously. And to make it worse, the PC ports have their own issues, including the ridiculously expensive DLC, which is a requirement for these games. I respect not forcing remasters, but man, just make these ones please.

Speaking of remasters, this has been a pretty terrible console generation, right? Well, it’s had some amazing games to be sure, but the glut of remasters (not all of which are bad), and the overall feeling that the PS4 and Xbox One were underpowered right out of the gate has just made for a feeling of “meh” about the whole thing. And yet, the consoles are still selling like crazy, especially the PS4. What’s going on? We’re not sure, but hear all of our thoughts in the podcast.

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