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No Man’s Sky Wins a Game of the Year Award for 2016: AOTF Podcast #47

by Kyle Hanson


That was a long year. 2016 was equal parts amazing and awful in a number of different ways, so Will and I sat down to talk all about it. The conversation went a bit longer than usual, but for such a crazy year, it seems warranted. We mostly discuss our Best and Worst Games of 2016 awards, where all of our writers got together to decide what did and did not work in 2016. Before that though, there were some diversions. It’s the AOTF Podcast #47.

Since we hadn’t talked since before Christmas, we got to go over how our holidays went. Will is a proper adult, receiving proper adult items from his friends and family. I, on the other hand, got a bunch of toys. Mostly Zelda and Pokemon related, with the current Pokemon frenzy allowing me to get such prestigious items as a Build-a-Bear Eevee and Charmander, along with some nice Link figures.

Will still has a bone to pick with his wireless Astor A50 headset, which has since been returned. We received some free HyperX CloudX headsets back at E3 that he’s been trying out. I’ve loved mine, but will admit that Will has a point; the volume is garbage. If you’re looking for a post-Christmas gift, maybe steer clear of these two, though the HyperX really isn’t bad.

Then it was on to the Best and Worst Games of 2016. I won’t go over everything, as it’s been discussed at length already in the podcast. We break down each award, what went into the decision, and discuss some of the honorable mentions and other ways it could have went. This was definitely an interesting year in video gaming, with some big surprises, both good and bad (*cough* No Man’s Sky *cough*). Between the two of us, Will and I played most of the big stuff, with Will picking up the slack from my off year.

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