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Dark Souls Inspired Code Vein Reportedly Launches In July

Rumors originate from an email sent by Finnish PR company 3H Distribution Oy.

by Jelani James


Code Vein, the Dark Souls inspired game from Bandai Namco, is set to arrive in July if a new rumor holds up.

The rumor in question originates from European gaming website Gamereactor which got hold of an email from Finnish PR company 3H Distribution Oy (handles distribution for 2K Games, Codemasters, Koch Media, Rockstar Games, Square Enix, Telltale Games, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), which details the release dates for a variety of games coming out this year and listed among them is Code Vein for July 2018.

Apparently, the listing only mentions the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Code Vein despite it also being slated for a PC release. However, it’s worth noting that said version is digital-only and thus wouldn’t be distributed by 3H, so the omission makes sense.

Unfortunately, a link or a screenshot of the email wasn’t provided so its difficult to ascertain the veracity of this rumor. But if it turns out to be true, all that can be said is that it’s about time. Bandai Namco has been remarkably trollish in regards to advertising Code Vein and not in the way one would expect. Normally, a company would release small details or simply tease various aspects in the months before its game arrives. Bandai Namco, however?


The existence of Code Vein has been public knowledge for over a year now and Bandai Namco has continuously released loads of information and screenshots within that time span. Of course, the information is appreciated, but the one tidbit everyone wanted — an actual release date — has remained elusive (until now hopefully).

On a more serious note, a July release date would make sense. Said month looks like a rather quiet one and just like what Sega is doing with Shining Resonance Refrain, Bandai Namco could possibly be trying to avoid the jam-packed early Fall by releasing a rather niche game when there is hardly any competition to worry about.

That said, this all remains speculation until Bandai Namco says something, but considering how often the company releases information about Code Vein, a formal announcement could come any day now.

Code Vein is due out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in (July) 2018.

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