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New Natural Doctrine Trailer Shows You How To Survive

by William Schwartz


Natural Doctrine is famous in Japan for being a very brutal strategic RPG best reserved for the hardcore. So for the western release, NIS America wanted to give you tips on how to survive.

Natural Doctrine will test seasoned veterans of strategy RPG’s and will likely have many of them crying home to mommy. The difficulty is said to be as punishing as that in the notoriously difficult Dark Souls franchise. Developed by Kadokawa games as their inaugural title that features cross-play, and cross-save.

The trailer below shows potential explorers of the expansive area around the city of Feste that planning is important. As is the ability to use your environment to your advantage. Some maps feature interactive elements that allow you to use them to your advantage and find treasure, or more bad guys depending on your luck. Check out the trailer below to see the tips on how to survive.

Natural Doctrine Adapt to Survive Trailer

Natural Doctrine is set for release at both retail and digital in North America on September 23rd with European release to follow on September 26th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita. For a rundown of the install sizes visit our earlier article.

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