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Watch Destiny House Of Wolves Prison Of Elders Reveal Live [Updated]

by William Schwartz


The latest Destiny House Of Wolves content reveal is going on right now over at Bungie with the Prison Of Elders stream and we have it for you right here.

What better way to get you in the mood for the Destiny Expansion II: House Of Wolves release later this month than to live stream what Bungie considers a new endgame activity for Destiny fans. The stream will be hosted by Community Manager, Deej  and will include Bungie Lead Designer, Matt Simmons and community memeber ProfessorBroman all playing through the Prison Of Elders.  The new co-op arena mode will allow players to earn high level exotic and legendary gear. The co-op is geared for teams of three, so you won’t have to gather an entire raid party just to play. It will also offer matchmaking upon release incase you don’t have three friends on playing Destiny all the time.

Destiny Expansion II: House Of Wolves and all of its content including new Crucible maps and Prison Of Elders is set to release later this month for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 19th. Remember if you already have a season pass or have purchased one all you will have to do is download it, no need to purchase it. See you soon Guardians.


Updated with archived footage from the broadcast. You can also check out our rundown of the Prison Of Elders information.

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