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Pokemon Go Guide: What do the Leaves Mean

| July 8, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: What do the Leaves Mean GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go has a lot of complex and confusing elements, and it doesn’t take up too much time explaining them all to players. Instead they are left to figure them out for themselves. This has led to a lot of confusion, but also a lot of interesting interactions, with players working together to solve the more puzzling aspects of Pokemon Go. To help out, we’re gonna explain one of these confusing pieces. So here’s our guide explaining what do the leaves mean in Pokemon Go.

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a while, walking around and trying to catch Pokemon, then you’ve surely seen the rustling leaves all around the map. What do they mean? Essentially the same thing that they do in the regular Pokemon games. To make it simple: there’s a Pokemon nearby.

Sure, you have your nearby list on the bottom right of the screen to show what is close to you, but it doesn’t hint at the actual location of the Pokemon themselves. This is what the leaves do, showing you that a Pokemon is likely in that specific area.

Not always though, and sometimes they’ll run away before you can make it to them. Still, the leaves in Pokemon Go are a very helpful tool for finding Pokemon. If you see them on the map, and you’re trying to catch some new Pokemon, then head to them. It might do nothing, you might get there and no Pokemon will appear. However, it could lead right to whatever Pokemon you’re looking for.

Pokemon Go helps point you in the direction of new Pokemon in a number of ways, and the leaves are just one. For more tips on how to find and catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go check out this other guide. If you have any other questions be sure to let us know in the comments.

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  • examplesample

    I call bullshit bc I have leaves literally all around me at times, even right up against my feet as I stand still AND have incense burning, and nothing happens. I tried walking around, standing still, running… nothing. Whenever I’ve seen a pokemon it’s always been pretty random.

    • Laura Bieber

      Sounds like one of the common server issues people have had. Try opening your shop. If you’ve disconnected, you won’t be able to view shop items. Try a hard reset.

    • Raelena Skinner

      Same!!!!!! I’m constantly going to leaves, standing on them, and nothing ever ever happens. The only way to find pokemon for me is to try and use the “footsteps” guide in the bottom right corner. I have been playing this game constantly and the leaves have never shown me a pokemon.

    • Jamie Tyree

      Btw, incense do NOT bring already close pokemon closer to you. They bring in brand new pokemon. So having incense on won’t help you in this regard. You’re probably even better off not having it on if you’re looking in a different place. A lure, however, does draw close ones to you.

      • En person :)

        In my experience, incense works best when you’re constantly moving. Just saying as some people tend to use them together with lures which doesn’t seem to do that much.

    • THRobinson

      Agreed, sat there with incense burning and standing on leaves and after 2min, gave up.

      • Cameron Neubauer

        I’ve noticed that with me and people I know the incense also only gives you about 6 Pokemon, 2 every 10 minutes approximately.

      • Not That Guy

        Hey looking to have infinite incense and/or lucky eggs? Simple, date and time. don’t set it back hours sometimes this won’t work sometimes it might, usually set time back in minutes, first throw an insence or lucky egg, or both then set back time a couple of mins, there you go.

        • Elle-

          Can anyone verify this?

    • Infernalzeus69

      Exactly the same happens to me. I am at home most of the time and tons of leaves are flying around my feet within the circle all time. But i never get a pokemon there

  • Caitlin latto

    I have seen a circular thing appear… Like a dartboard? I think it does the same thing as the leaves, a jigglypuff jumped out… It doesn’t move as fast as the leaves so I was struggling with that, thanks for the info!

    • Angel Williams

      The circular dartboard looking thing means you are in the range of a PokeStop, when near one it’ll be a floating blue cube. As you get closer it’ll turn into the floating dartboard in blue. Once you have clicked it and spun the disc for the free gifts it turns purple. Each PokeStop ‘spawns’ approx every 5 minutes so handy for collecting PokeBalls, Eggs, Potions and sometimes other stuff. Try here for info:

  • InternetCrumpet

    I also call BS. I walked around in a circle, covering every inch of the little parking lot where the leaves were, and though the leaves remained (moving a little) the entire time, no pokemon appeared – yet I can SEE a Pidgey and a Rattata all the way accross the street.

  • Claire Halls

    I walked around rustling leaves for about ten minutes until finally a Squirtle appeared. It had not been on the list of nearby pokemon and was harder to catch.

    • deepvoice

      I tried catching a squirrel – he was rustling around in the leaves too

      • Parker Weston

        so funnnnnnnnytyyyyyt!!@!W#@#$R!@#

  • Serilda

    I work at home and happen to have a(singular) leafy spot next to my house that is always in the same place always leafing-around. But sitting here with my phone on, every so often a pokemon shows up. But whatever shows up, it’s always standing where those leave are. Different pokemon, same spot. That spot can leaf around for hours and never have a pokemon come out. Meanwhile, my character is just stationary, but within range. I believe that the leafy spots are actually just spawning points. That explains why pokemon show up there that weren’t previously on the near-by list, and why they always show up in the exact same spot, and why there are long periods of time when nothing happens with that leafy spot. I’m telling ya, SPAWNING POINT.

    • Il-Lupo Guerriero

      I have a definite spawn point at the end of my road where 3-6 pokemon(ranging between Eevees, Zubats, Clefairy, Ratattas, pidgys and Rhyhorns) will appear every single time. No leaves rustling there.

      • Serilda

        I’ve noticed that at other places, as well. Leaves aren’t always present at a spawning points. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or some sort of indication of some sort. I think what might be happening is that some spawning points are marked with leaves and some are not. I’m not sure why. However you’ll notice that spawning points themselves don’t really move or ‘go away’. Randomly, it seems, a pokemon will come out of these designated spawning spots. So if you find yourself in one area for a while, it might be helpful to be familiar with the all the spawning points in your area. Or if you’re in an unfamilar area, and you notice a rare pokemon on your near-by list, you could try looking at some the leafy areas near you and check and see if those spawning points have the pokemon you’re looking for. I’m thinking that’s what they’re suppose to be for; a subtle hint as to where a pokemon may be, but not necessarily.

    • Rebecca Millar

      I second that exactly! ??

  • LuceroLee

    Does anyone know what the tiny glowing orbs constantly floating around on the ground are? If anything? It seems they change in position, concentration, etc but I can’t really figure out what they represent. I thought maybe they were other devices running the game nearby (so other players) but it seems like there’s a LOT of them, even in remote areas.

    • Margaret

      Stardust to get power to power up your catches

  • nicholas1987

    >It might do nothing, you might get there and no Pokemon will appear. However, it could lead right to whatever Pokemon you’re looking for.

    Pretty useless advice really.

  • Katie

    Pink leaves indicate other Pokemon trainers, when there are a lot of Pokemon trainers in one spot, the leaves rustle and get more abundant… This also brings more Pokemon to that area for about 30min or so.

    • Pink leaves actually mean someone has placed a lure module on a pokestop. It has nothing to do with how many trainers are in the area. The lure does bring more pokemon to the area though.

  • Fyriaan

    Stands on leaves… nothing happens for like 10 minutes.

  • IT MEANS NOTHING, there also LURE doesnt work if no pokemon around to begin with

  • Holythirteen

    Cool I will just hang out in this person’s yard for while, since this is my only hope for pokemon anywhere NEAR my house, I’m sure they’ll understand.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this info, as I went to a nearby Pokestop and there were leaves and I was thinking ‘what the heck do those mean?’ Also, I need help. At the Pokestop there are barely any Pokemon and I remember watching Pokemon go lets plays and the player spins the icon that comes up when you click on the Pokestop thing on the map. When it spins it gives you poke balls, but that doesn’t happen with me. I’ve literally only started playing this morning and I don’t know a lot about how to play the game

  • BeauJones4663

    Thanksssss I totally need this. Although it may be fake I recon it’s real since I’m in my village with a single pokestop and barely any Pokemon (the leaves always rustle down one lane where they usually are) and I went to the city and there were gyms and rustling EVERYWHERE

  • Amanda Nauss

    I was calling BS too, but I tried tapping on the leafs repeatedly when I was on it and a really strong venomoth popped out. Then the leaves went away after I caught it. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but give it a try! :p

  • Children Of Nephilim

    I was standing right on top of them a few days ago and nothing happened :(

  • I love pikatchu

    I’m desperate to find pikatchu there are leaves surrounding my avatar but the no Pokemon are there. I’m literally stood in the middle of leaves but there aren’t any Pokemon showing up

    • Anil Rochester

      use Pokevision

  • Mariah L Colvin

    When I first started playing Pokemon Go I always seen leaves in the surrounding areas. Recently I noticed that there are no leaves around me anywhere I go. It shows there are nearby pokemon on the mini map thing but never any leaves…somebody help!!

    • Hannah Hensel

      This has been happening to me too! I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it didn’t help. Not that they were always effective anyway, but it was at least nice to have a general starting point of places to look.