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Talk of Uncharted 4 on PS4 hits the web

by William Schwartz on August 9, 2013


Sony and Naughty Dog are almost certainly cooking up another Uncharted game, despite either having mentioned it at this point. It was undoubtedly Sony’s biggest contribution to gaming in the current generation, as far as software goes. So it comes as no surprise that rumors of an Uncharted 4 in development at Naughty Dog have recently hit the web.

Dominic Monaghan, actor who played in The Lord of the Rings, Lost, and who was recently seen in a live-action spot for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, may have let slip the existence of a new Uncharted game. In a conference call regarding his recent involvement with the new XCOM game, Monaghan said he’s excited for the new game.

“I’ll always stay focused on the gaming world and see what’s coming up,” he said. “The new Uncharted I’m really excited to see how that’s going to be and obviously both new gaming systems.”

With The Last of Us having released earlier this year, Naughty Dog is obviously working on something. It would make a lot of sense for an Uncharted game to arrive in 2014 on the PlayStation 4, but neither Sony or Naughty Dog has confirmed that this is the case.

Following the release of Uncharted 3, a few rumors have suggested that Uncharted 4 is inevitable. Job postings on Naughty Dog’s website were looking for next-gen developers back in January of 2012. Earlier this year, the voice actor who plays Charlie Cutter in Uncharted 3 spoke on Twitter about a “hush-hush” project he’s working on.

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  • Facts First

    Two words: WHO CARES?

    • Big Al

      I agree they should just let this one die.

      • SrZues

        I think Microsoft should stop making shit games

      • GDDR5

        you can join him

    • LupineMP3j

      Xbox fan?

      • RoadShow

        Facts, Big Al, Lawrence, William & Jack were all facts first. I just about guarantee it. Those were all posted in the first few minutes and all share the same BS story.

        • James

          Yeah its really pathetic how low can one get with this. I don’t even know what he standsto gain wasting all his time with this BS. Besides IHATEHIPSTERSSS and Blarg noone takes him seriously.

          • LupineMP3j

            So wait, he makes multiple accounts and goes around the Internet for the sole purpose of putting down PS4?

            Why? That’s like… the biggest waste of time ever. What’s he trying to prove? lol He sure isn’t winning new Xbox fans like that.

    • IRON


      • SrZues

        you mean xbox fag spotted lol

    • Cassie Gotto

      Four words: A LOT of people.

      Go play your Xbox and shut up.

      • Folly

        shut and play ur ps4sucks u loser

        • conner

          Lol how about you speak English you illiterate half wit.

    • ps4 shits on xbox 180

      are u a moron or something oh wait ur an xbox fan girl right? automatically qualifies u as a moron. sorry for asking i shouldve known. -__-

    • SrZues

      We Ps3 users care

    • Jake

      I think you should probably die… just saying.

    • dave mcnair

      Love how you just troll here every day dying to get first post in all the time ya wee fanny! We’ll see who cares if this rumour is true & the reviews are out. Naughty Dog are one of the finest developers in the world & their games are all best in genre time after time. What they do on PS4 will be mind blowing & will never see the light on day on Xbox. Unlike anything worth playing on your confused excuse for a next gen system. They are truly our games which we love & the likes of you can forget the chance of experiencing it senior trollmeister..

      Jealous much? What exclusives are their on XBox worth getting excited about? & Don’t say Titanfall because I’ll be buying that one myself for the lead platform – the PC. Halo? Oh please.. just another generic shooter. As if we don’t have enough of those already & likewise it will be on PC is I want it.

      People like you are the reason I will always stay clear of Xbox & consider Playstation my console home of choice. I have enough contact with Micro$haft on my pc without playing an expensive & ‘meek media pc’ in chains..

    • GDDR5

      truly you are a no hoper

    • justerthought

      I CARE. It’s your loss. I’m smiling :)

    • Joescar

      You are crazy!!! Long live Drake and Indy!!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      I do and millions others do as well.

  • Lawrence

    Overrated for sure

    • tass

      just like your opinion overrated

    • SrZues

      Halo is perfect definition of Overrated

      • roozbeh

        no, what he said was stupid. what your saying is equally stupid

        • SrZues

          no, halo is seriously overrated

          • roozbeh, again

            No, halo defined the modern shooter. Say what you want about ms but halo deserves the ratings.

  • William

    Yes just like The Last of Us overrated and destined for the bargin bin.

    • aasdasd

      why do you even? i mean why? why? your life must be boring if you have time for this. lol.

    • SrZues

      you pathetic shit get a life lol

    • Jason M

      LOL!!!! Are you fucking kidding me!?! Have you even seen it, or done any kind of research? That is the last game any gamer, regardless of their system of choice, should ever call overrated. Get your facts in order and stop being an xbot.

    • Dohv

      So one of the best games of all time is overrated ? You’re retarded. Xbox has no exclusives so you have to troll PS many exclusives.

    • Matthew Tripoli

      Last of us did better then the new Boishock I it’s first month and bioshock infinite is multi plat. Enough said

  • Jack

    Well Sony is going to need something. There lineup is poor for the PS4.

    • SrZues

      Xbox needs customers so that’s why they took 180 turn,bunch of losers lmao

      • Victor

        They took 180 to be a ripoff of the PS4.

    • Charles Parkhurst

      Their lineup is weak? Launching with it are battlefield, cod, assassins creed, watchdogs, driveclub and not to mention the exclusive games killzone and infamous. That’s is merely at launch, not to mention PlayStation gets exclusive content for watchdogs and assassins creed so if there is any talk of a weak launch lineup it should be for the xbone which honestly still does have a good launch lineup.

  • RoadShow

    What? By far what? Go to hell.

    Gran Turismo, LBP, Modnation, Metal Gears Solid 5, The Last of US, God of War, MLB the Show, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Rachet & Clank.

    There are plenty of other big exclusives and without those Sony exclusives the game genre for this entire generation would be dull as $hit.

    I’m very excited to see what Uncharted on PS4 looks like.

    • Facts First

      Stop kidding yourself. You get Octodad we get Titanfall. Fair trade.

      • Sideways_1M

        You get sent to hell and I get a million pounds. Also fair.

      • IRON

        Titanfall coming to pc as well.
        It will look thousand times more better in pc than an XBOX.

        • dave mcnair

          It’s funny as f**k – the troll never has an answer for that one..

      • Something

        Aww, pussy Facts First and Jack and Microsoft fanboys who like to butt fuck each other :L Have fun with the shittest console ever made.

      • Timothy Hurst

        Yeah it’s a article about Uncharted, not Titanfall.

        • dave mcnair

          he can’t help himself. He’s trying to convince the world (& himself) Xbone is worth buying. feed him a carrot now & again & he’ll be happy in his little cage

      • LupineMP3j

        Titanfall is a timed exclusive. lol It’ll be on PS4 just the same eventually.

        • tech

          nope. it is exclusively NOT on ps3 and ps4. no plans for either.

          • LupineMP3j

            Lol. You seem to miss the idea of what a timed exclusive is.

            Of course it’s not on PS4 now, but when questioned about whether or not Titanfall could eventually come to PS4, Respawn has said, flat out, that it isn’t out of the question. Their elaborations have been somewhat cryptic, with lines like “We can’t comment,” “We want to make everybody happy, but this is where we’re at right now,” “We love all our fans, whatever console they support….”

            Doesn’t sound to me like they plan to stay exclusive + PC for too long.

            Take the fact that Respawn won’t say “No, we’re Xbox-only.” Add to that the fact that they want to support ALL gamers. Top that cake with the fact that few developers want to keep millions of gamers from playing their games because they run different systems. There’s a pretty good argument that Titanfall will eventually find its way to PS4.

            And honestly, why wouldn’t any gamer want it to? That’s more money for the developer, and more fans of the game.

          • tech

            On the contrary, you miss the point of a ‘timed exclusive’.

            When a company has paid for ‘exclusive’ games they say it out right. When it is paid for ‘timed exclusive’ they also say so. And generally have a port for the other console in development for when the ‘timed exclusive’ period is up.

            Titanfall is not being deveoped for the PS4. They said directly ‘its not out of the question’ but they also specifically did not say it would be out on other consoles in the future.

            Dance Central did the same thing. Everyone thought it would come to PS3 with move controller compatibility at some point. The devs said almost the same exact thing. ‘It’s not out of the question’… and here we are 6 years later.

            And so I reiterate – Titanfall is NOT a timed exclusive, by definition. They have to timeframe they are limited to to be exclusive to Xbox. They are simply a PC and Xbox exclusive. And that is all.

            This ‘timed exclusive’ rubbish is just something Sony fans made up so they don’t feel so butthurt the E3 champion isn’t coming to their console.

            I’ll have both consoles, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

      • ps4 shits on xbox 180

        if u havent noticed ignorant peasant, titanfall will be coming to the ps4 as well after the timed exclusive is done for the shitty xbox

      • SrZues

        comes on pc too, suck it ya fud

        • dave mcnair

          lol nice one

      • Dohv

        I’ll enjoy TF all on PC until it releases on PS4. Its not exclusive. Dumb ass.

      • Dave

        Pretty positive Titanfall is a timed exclusive…

        • tech

          TITANFALL IS NOT TIMED EXCLUSIVE. its just not coming to PS3 or PS4.

          Show us a link where ‘timed exclusive’ is even mentioned. Its not there cause it doesn’t exist. Its exclusive to MS. You guys can go buy 2000$ pc’s to play Titanfall in 60fps. I’ll stick with the X1.

      • GDDR5

        Facts first you have definately HANDS to be the biggest idiot i have ever had the pleasure of typing to.

      • carlo

        im sorry to inform u that titanfall will be coming to ps4 around like june. sorry big boy

  • Lol@all3n

    Can’t wait very enjoyable franchise.

  • Todd B

    Hell yes! Can’t wait. Best developer out there and PS exclusive. Woot woot.

  • rob

    Would love to see an Uncharted game running on ps4. can’t wait to get a PS4. Xbox one should he called. Xbox: one piece of shit. Uncharted is great in all aspects.

  • Jordan

    Finally! I do look forward to the next sequel in 4, hope they make it like 2 and not 3. Really love Uncharted 2’s story line with it’s online play.

  • CtrlAltDelGmr

    Can’t anyone like both PS4 and Xbone like me?

    • Jason M

      I will most likely end up with both, PS4 first though. What you have to remember is, the majority of gamers will blindly follow and support their respective camps, regardless of any facts you or I can throw at them. I have to say, at this point, their is very little if anything that makes me want to go out and get an Xbox One, but I will eventually get one so I can experience all the great games of this new generation. It’s fanboys that I feel sorry for. Because of their blind allegiances, they will end up losing out. Just my 2 Cents.


      • CtrlAltDelGmr

        Same here

    • Victor

      You shouldn’t say that in a site that has fanboy in the name. last time I went to that site it a nightmare.

  • chava

    Have only tried the vita version but is by far one of the best on the vita good gameplay, entertaining i should say, medium-long story line, and pretty awesome graphics.

  • Joshua Lawson

    I like both consoles current and next. Uncharted series were excellent games definitely held my attention.

  • Dohv

    I can’t wait. ND always have the best looking games ever generation, and I think U4 would look amazing on PS4.

    But we’ll see. It could he a new IP which I would rather them to do.

  • Jason Graham

    Playing 360 right now but pre ordered a ps4 this next round.can’t wait to play the uncharted games they look awesome.

  • Playstation rules

    Xbone fan is sucking on the looser end dogs bone. Hey buddy why don’t you go in your own little halo world and shove gears of wars up your ass, that all you have beside spending billions of dollars on time exclusive. Sure somebody in Microsoft is getting very intimidating on what sony 12 first party studios will do this generation especially 20 EXCLUSIVE titles for just the ps4.

  • only1kolby

    Just make it. IT’S TIME.

  • Phillip Morrison

    I hope its true. I have only played the PS Vita Uncharted but It got me interested in the series.

  • Tommy Johnson


  • nic saints

    my pennis gonna grow 4 inch long with ps4 realease just to stick it on fagbox fan boys 12 inch dammit da shit probably hurts

  • Matthew Tripoli

    Xbox fan boys would love to see this die b/c they know it would put the Xbox one exclusives to shame and they are intimidated by naughty dog. Sony would be crazy not to have uncharted on the ps4 but they are smart and won’t rush it to be a launch title b/c they want it to show the power of the ps4. That said this guy probably just figures like most that uncharted 4 is coming

  • Joshua Lawson

    I play my 360 more than ps3. But being completely honest it’s been very few games that have ever held my attention the way the uncharted series has. It’s ok to be an xbox fan it’s ok to be a ps3 fan. But give credit where credit is due. Sony nor ms is putting money in your pocket. And neither one gives a damn about you as a consumer. So I’m not loyal to either. With that said I’m getting both next gen consoles.

  • Jordan Ray Flores

    Lmao this debate has made me like the ps4 more

  • Bryan

    Has any one also forgotten that there’s a strong possibility that Titanfall will be released on PS4 as well? Maybe not right away but one of the developers said in an interview, “I’m not at liberty to say” when he was asked if the game would be released for PS4 at some point. Lol so with that said, Xbox really has nothing over PlayStation.

  • roozbeh

    its really nothing big. it just started around as a tweet from some celeb.
    but bring this game on. uncharted is a great game franchise

  • Nathan Urbano

    Honestly, if you are looking for an action packed adventure with a really good story with it, then go to Naughty Dog. Although it may seem as a male version of the tomb raider heroine Lara croft, the uncharted series can satisfy both little screaming violent shooter players as well as the casual player. But only downside I see of Uncharted is if they run out of stuff to discover and get bland.

  • tech

    have you seen Titanfall? yup.

  • ExtremelyGamer

    Xbox and ps are quite similar in my idea. Especially that you need to pay for multiplayer on the ps4

  • djeec

    So many face palms, so little time.

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    I think most of you people on here are morons…nuff said. Quit fanboy bickering. The point is…..UC4 is coming and I can’t wait!

  • Bavo

    Some of u guys need to grow up… Its not because you choose a console over another you’re suddenly gay or something. I had for 5 years an Xbox360 and for 1 year an ps3 they are both good on there own way. Don’t understand why some of you start shitting on each other just cause you got an other console.

    • SrZues

      eh how about you tell the guy who started this instead of telling me! and I had both consoles !. I had two Xbox 360 and sold them both and now have ps3!

      • Bavo

        Srry wasnt just saying this to you ;)
        But i dont understand why 1 of the 2 consoles has to be bad for some people. (Between xbox and ps3) just because they got another one.

  • tobymain100183

    Naughty dog is the shizzz…the white on the rice….the flues on the shi↑ and the creator of the greatest games of all time..long live uncharted..

  • VictorianDetective

    I love how the only people who hate Uncharted are the people who own Xbox 360’s keep playin Halo ya fags and let the real men play real games.

  • bbp

    I AM A HUGE FAN! PLZ MAKE ANOTHER ONE! hopefully it comes out next year

  • darkXdouchePOO

    every one just needs 2 know than uncharted is amazing i dont see why naughty dog cant make another 2 or 3 games trust them they wont kill the franchise they know what there doing

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