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PS4 gets confirmed Japanese release date

by Jonny Hercock on January 2, 2014

Good news for Japanese gamers, as the PS4 release date for Japan has been revealed in a new television commercial. You can see the video embedded above, from YouTube.

The TV commercial consists of a montage of gamers from North America, Australia, UK, France, Mexico and probably other countries queuing for their PS4s. It also features them playing various games and generally looking happy about their purchases, before displaying ‘JAPAN’ in large letters and ‘2.22’. This is obviously the PlayStation 4’s Japanese release date, then; February 22nd 2014.

Judging by what we already know of Sony’s worldwide success with their next generation console, the Japanese release is sure to push the already record breaking figures higher. The PS4 outsold the Xbox One in North America, and shipped 2.1 million units within the first few weeks.

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  • Wizard of Peace

    Yaaaa for Japan :D

    • Whitbizzle

      Haha I love the fact someone down voted you, like they have a real issue with Japan.

      • Wizard of Peace

        I know its kind of funny. It could be someone from Japan mad at me for getting it 3 months before them.

        • Sideways_1M

          Or maybe Facts is upset that someone cares about the PS4

          • Wizard of Peace

            Didn’t think of that. Your probably right.

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