All Dragon Ball Filler Episodes to Skip

If you're looking to speed up your viewing experience of Dragon Ball, here's a list of filler episodes that can be skipped.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Toei Animation

Do you want to watch Dragon Ball without all the filler episodes? It can be tough to distinguish between the canon and filler content, especially with 153 episodes. That’s why we’ve compiled a helpful guide to help you experience the show as close to the manga as possible and save time on your anime list. Check out the information below to skip the filler episodes.

All Dragon Ball Filler Episodes

Here are all Dragon Ball filler episodes to skip:

  • Episodes 30-33
    • These episodes include “The Roaming Lake,” which is all filler and doesn’t add to the anime.
  • Episode 45
    • A total filler episode that has nothing to do with the previous or future episodes of Dragon Ball so it can be skipped.
  • Episodes 79-83
    • However, later episodes in the anime do bring up the events from these episodes as flashbacks, but they aren’t canon, and you won’t cause any issues with your experience, albeit a bit of confusion.
  • Episodes 127-132
    • These filler episodes expand upon the implied events that happen in the manga. While they aren’t necessary overall and aren’t canon, they will expand upon them further.
  • Episodes 149-153
    • These filler episodes serve as the epilogue to Dragon Ball and are not necessary to watch before moving into Dragon Ball Z. If you want to see how the main cast is doing after the main arc is over, watch it. Otherwise, you are good to skip.

The above episodes are fillers and will not change your viewing experience or understanding of the series by skipping the entire episode. However, they expand upon the series and can still be enjoyed if you like to see non-canon events or have implied events explained more.

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In addition to the episodes that can be skipped, some episodes mix manga (canon) and anime content (filler), incorporating both in a single episode. These episodes are called mixed canon/filler episodes:

  • Episode 29
  • Episode 42
    • This episode is a controversial one because the events in this episode contradict events that happen later in Dragon Ball Z. Because of this, most fans advise skipping this episode altogether.
  • Episode 44

Except for Episode 42, you can watch the other two mixed episodes without slowing your progress or straying too far from the manga or future series like Dragon Ball Z.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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