All Dragon Ball Super Arcs in Order

Accompany Goku in this epic adventure.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Almost all anime fans know about Dragon Ball Super, the continuation of the world-famous series created by Akira Toriyama. This series arrived at a time when Dragon Ball fans were losing hope of ever seeing their favorite characters appear on screen again.

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Since it was first released, this new series has continuously released new storylines, each one contained within one arc. Fans who have not yet got into the sequel may be confused as to how the events of the series progress. To help new or returning fans familiarize themselves with Goku’s new adventures, below you can find all Dragon Ball Super arcs in order.

A Chronological List of All Dragon Ball Super Arcs

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Dragon Ball Super takes place several years after the Buu Saga that we saw on Dragon Ball Z. During this period, Goku and Vegeta kept training, reaching levels far beyond what we could see in the previous show. The arcs on this list depict all the major events that have taken place as Dragon Ball Super has progressed.

ArcManga ChapterAnime Episodes
Godo f Destruction Beerus SagaChapters 1 to 4Episodes to 15
Golden Frieza SagaOnly MentionedEpisodes 16 to 27
Universe 6 SagaChapters 5 to 13Episodes 28 to 41
Copy-Vegeta SagaNot DepictedEpisodes 42 to 46
“Future” Trunks SagaChapters 14 to 26Episodes 47 to 76
Tournament of Power SagaChapters 27 to 42Episodes 77 to 131
Broly SagaOnly MentionedDragon Ball Super: Broly (Movie)
Galactic Patrol Prisoner SagaChapters 42 to 67TBD
Granolah the Survivor SagaChapters 67 to 87TBD
Super Hero SagaChapter 88 – OngoingDrago Ball Super: Super Hero (Movie)

What is Happening in the Manga?

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The manga is currently depicting the events that fans saw in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. Still, as is usually the case with the manga, this arc goes into more detail, and will probably not be loyal to the movie. This has occurred in the past, as the manga was released after the Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F movies were released.

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This can be confusing for many fans, as the manga and anime tend to differ during various events. For example, the Tournament of Power saga differed vastly, with the Gods of Destruction having a battle before the actual tournament that was never shown in the anime.

Will the Manga be Adapted?

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While most of the events of the anime occurred before the manga, there are still plenty of arcs that have yet to be animated. However, as of October 2023, there has been no announcement of an anime adaptation of the remaining sagas. What’s more, a new anime-only series named Dragon Ball Daima has been announced. It seems unlikely that the events of the manga will be adapted soon.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2023

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