All Hell’s Paradise Arcs in Order

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by J.R. Waugh
Hell's Paradise Story Arcs
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Hell’s Paradise might be near the end of its first anime season, but the manga it adapts runs a fair bit past its current story plans. The series is notable for memorable characters, lush scenery details, and some mind-bending creature design. While the manga might not have the crazy long runs that Naruto or One Piece have had, it’s had a solid, concise story told in several key segments. Here are all the Hell’s Paradise arcs, in order.

What Are the Story Arcs of Hell’s Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise has 4 story arcs, with the second and third being especially long, spanning 43 and 51 chapters apiece. With the first season of the anime seemingly about to wrap up, they’ll only have made it halfway into the second story arc, and still well before the halfway point of the story.

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The plot revolves around the expedition to the island known as Shinsenkyo, only for the secrets to be revealed about the place including an entire society and people who inhabit it.

While seeking the Elixir of Life, deadly convicts are pushed into the fray with Yamada Asaemon executioners to supervise them, each motivated by obtaining a pardon in exchange for finding the Elixir. What they find instead, is a potential existential threat. The story arcs are as follows below:

Hell’s Paradise Story ArcManga ChaptersAnime Episodes
Island Arc1-161-6
Lord Tensen Arc17-597-13+
Horai Arc60-110TBD
Departure Arc111-127TBD

As the first installment of the anime only covers the first and a portion of the second arc of Hell’s Paradise, there’s still a lot to be excited about. The manga has a specific focus and story to tell, without overstaying its welcome, and we can only hope the anime gets to adapt more. For now, we simply have to wait until official confirmation comes around.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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