Attack on Titan End Credits Scene: Will There Be a Sequel Series?

by J.R. Waugh
Attack on Titan Post Credits Sequel Series
Image: MAPPA / Kodansha

Attack on Titan is one of the most celebrated anime to come out of the 2010s decade. It’s brilliant, subversive, and features exquisite animation from the likes of studios like WIT Studio and MAPPA, but the end credits scene has people asking: will Attack on Titan get a sequel series?

Future of Series and Sequels: Attack on Titan End Credits Scene Explained

As of right now, Hajime Isayama has no plans to release a sequel series to Attack on Titan despite the end credits hinting at a far future after Paradis’ destruction. The post-credits scene was likely to suggest that even after the cycle of hatred drove humanity to annihilate civilization on Paradis, humanity endured.

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A young boy is seen wandering in the ruins, encountering a conspicuous tree matching Eren’s favorite hangout, and possibly where Ymir got her powers. What this means and where we can go from here is largely up to interpretation: could the cycle repeat itself, or will humanity eventually take a different path?

What Is Next for Attack on Titan?

Aside from the April 30 2024 release of Attack On Titan Art Book: FLY, likely not much else is left on the horizon for the series on the manga or anime front. It’s had a conclusive end, and the most we can likely expect is the English dub when that arrives.

However, we can expect a new story inside this book (which is also being called Volume 35 by some) called “Akudou” or “Bad Boy”. It’ll be an 18-page story to go along with the artwork, and will be a lovely addition to any AoT fan’s bookshelf, or really anybody’s bookshelf if you appreciate good manga.

Beyond that though, Isayama doesn’t look to have many ambitions for a massive return to the manga scene or to create a whole new series. But that’s okay, fans can likely agree he’s earned his rest.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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