Dragon Ball: Is Broly Stronger Than Goku?

Is the Legendary Super Saiyan stronger than the savior of Earth?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Among the few remaining Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe, Broly is perhaps the most intriguing. He is recognized as the legendary Super Saiyan, a being who is supposedly born only once every thousand years. Broly seems to be the ultimate warrior in Universe 7, only deterred by his own inexperience in combat.

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However, the question still remains: Is this powerful being more powerful than the beloved Goku? Fortunately, the series has given us plenty of evidence to determine who is stronger between these two fighters. Below, you can find all the information needed to know if Dragon Ball’s Broly is stronger than Goku.

Beware of spoilers for Dragon Ball.

Can Broly From Dragon Ball Surpass Goku’s Power?

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When talking about Broly, it is important to determine which iteration of the character we are referring to. The original Broly, who only appeared in non-canonical movies, was a Saiyan who hated Goku for crying when they were babies. While this version was stronger than Goku during the Z era, it is unlikely that he could surpass Goku from Super.

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The canon version of Broly, the one who first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, is a young and kind Saiyan who can lose control of himself when his power begins flowing through him. This Broly has been proved to be weaker than Goku, due to his lack of self-control and his inability to transform beyond Super Saiyan 1.

How Strong is Broly From Dragon Ball Z?

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The Broly from the non-canon movies is a ruthless warrior who was born with a power level above one thousand, even higher than the Saiyan elite. While in base form, Broly was a meek and soft-spoken young man. However, when his animalistic instincts take over, he becomes a rampaging warrior who wishes only to destroy.

He is capable of fighting against various regular Super Saiyans without receiving a single hit, He was also able to destroy entire planets from miles away with just one energy beam. Nonetheless, he was ultimately defeated by Goku, who was in regular Super Saiyan form at the time. He would not stand a chance against Autonomous Ultra Instinct Goku.

How Powerful is Canon Broly?

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Unlike his predecessor, who would become stronger the angrier he got, Super’s Broly can increase his strength the more he fights. Sadly, he also becomes less conscious of his actions the stronger he becomes, slowly turning into an unhinged beast who cannot distinguish between friend and foe.

This Broly could defeat Goku and Vegeta without any issues but was unable to do lasting damage when faced with Gogeta. It is likely that he could grow stronger than Goku in the future since he is currently training with Beerus. Yet, it does not appear that he could trump Goku as he is currently in the manga, as he has vastly increased his power level since they last fought.

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