Is All Might Dead in My Hero Academia?

Has the number one Hero been defeated?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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All My Hero Academia fans know how iconic and important the series All Might is to the world of the series. He is not only the number one Hero but also the Symbol of Peace that keeps the world safe.

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If not for All Might and his legacy, the series would have not been possible. Sadly, as time passed, the once-imposing Hero began losing his powers. This has placed a major target on his back, which has caused him to be on the verge of death several times and some fans wonder if he has indeed been killed. Below, we will answer if All Might is dead in My Hero Academia.

Beware of spoilers for My Hero Academia.

Is All Might Still Alive in My Hero Academia?

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As of chapter 404 of the manga, All Might is still alive in the world of My Hero Academia. Many fans believed that he would die during his most recent battle against All for One, seeing as he is the most powerful villain in the world and Toshinori is now Quirkless. The Hero fought valiantly, using his new and extremely powerful mech suit to give his archnemesis a proper fight.

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In the end, this was still not enough to stop the Symbol of Evil, who was about to end All Might’s life once and for all. Thankfully, he was rescued by Bakugo at the last second, so fans can expect to see more of All Might in the manga. Nonetheless, until the war against All for One and his lackeys is over, All Might’s life could still be in danger.

Has All Might Been in Danger in the Past?

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The most recent battle between Toshinori and his archenemy has not been the only time that All Might has been in danger of passing away. In the past, the number one Hero had already faced All For One, both in the prime of their power. This confrontation almost cost Yagi his life, as his lungs and part of his stomach were destroyed beyond repair.

While not as serious, All Might was also gravely injured during the events of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, where he fought against Wolfram. This villain used an enhancer to make his powers several times stronger, which would have ended with All Might dead if not for Midoriya and his friends.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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