Is Spy x Family Code: White Canon?

Does the movie fit into the canon timeline?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Spy x Family Code: White tells the story of the Forger Family traveling to a new country in search of rare and coveted ingredients. Tatsuya Endo, the creator of the original manga, wrote this story exclusively for the film.

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While the author is directly involved in the creation of the film, many fans still wonder if the film is considered canon to the main story. Below, we have compiled all the information available to answer if Spy x Family Code: White is canon to the manga or anime.

Spy x Family Code: White Canon Status

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When working on the story for Spy x Family Code: White, Endo made sure that the events of the film would fit with the main plot of the franchise. However, this still does not mean that the Forger’s adventure in this movie has occurred in the manga or anime. Most anime films, despite fitting into the overarching story, are considered non-canonical.

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This is mostly because they are never referenced or shown in the original manga. Still, since Endo was directly involved in the creation of the story and he made it to specifically fit in the original timeline, Code: White has a good chance of being canon. Nevertheless, until an official announcement is made or the events are referenced in the manga, the movie’s canonical status will remain a mystery.

When in the Timeline Does the Movie Take Place?

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The movie has not been officially placed in the timeline for the series, but we know that it does occur during Anya’s school year. The event of the film takes place right before Eden Academy’s cooking competition, an activity that would not take place over a vacation period.

We also know that the film ties directly with Operation Strix, as W.I.S.E.’s higher-ups are attempting to replace Loid as the main agent of the mission. This confirms that the movie does not occur on an alternate timeline or is an isolated event. Sadly, unless the author confirms when the film occurs in the timeline, we will have no way of knowing where to place it.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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