Is Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers Weak?

Takemichi may surprise Tokyo Revengers fans who doubt his strength.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Hanagaki Takemichi, the protagonist of the worldwide acclaimed series Tokyo Revengers, is one of the most popular characters as of late. Besides being the main character, Takemichi stands out for being one of the most determined and kindhearted anime characters in recent years.

Sadly, he is also infamous for being considered one of the weakest contemporary protagonists. This has caused many fans to ask, why is he considered as such. Is Takemichi stronger than the fanbase gives him credit for? Keep reading to know why fans think Takemichi is weak in Tokyo Revengers.

Beware of spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers series.

Is Tokyo Revenger’s Takemichi as Powerless as Fans Think?

Despite what many fans may think, Takemichi is not a weak individual, as he has proven time and time again as the series has progressed. Unlike most Shonen characters, Takemichi is the embodiment of classical masculinity. If he feels like it, he is not afraid to cry or ask for help. He may not be physically strong, but he has more determination than anyone else in the series.

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A weak person would not have gone through the immense pain and torturous moments Hanagaki endured in the series. From facing Kisaki, saving Hina, and finally ridding Mikey of his Dark Impulses. Takemichi overcame each of these obstacles, armed only with his determination, strong desire to help, and his friends’ encouragement.

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Why do Tokyo Revengers Fans Believe Takemichi is Weak?

For Shonen fans, it is easy to assume that Takemichi is nothing more than their usual crybaby protagonist. These kinds of heroes begin as weak and powerless but grow significantly as time goes by. Sadly, since Takemichi never has the chance to properly learn how to fight, his strength levels remain consistent throughout the series. This is a great disappointment to fans who expected him to grow bolder and leave his constant crying behind.

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He never shied away from showing his emotions, which led Akkun to call him Toman’s Crybaby Hero. This is one of the traits that make Hanagaki such an interesting protagonist, as he breaks most Shonen tropes and becomes his own kind of hero. He is a fighter who never gives up, no matter how much stronger his opponents are than him.

Fans who take the time to know Takemichi and see beyond his meek and emotional exterior will be pleasantly surprised by how powerful he is on the inside. Takemichi is a protagonist of a new era, where physical strength and might do not equal power or victory.

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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