Is the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga Finished?

Has Freiren's journey ended?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Over the last few weeks, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has been enchanting fans with its stunning visuals, amazing storytelling, and loveable characters. With the anime adaptation having been recently released, the love anime and manga fans have for the series will most likely only keep increasing.

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This endearment for the series has caused many viewers to pick up the manga, although it has also caused much confusion. Fans want to know if the original manga for the series has been completed. Below is all the information to answer if the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga has been finished.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Manga Status

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As of October 2023, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has not been completed. The manga has 114 chapters, which have been mostly compiled into 11 volumes. The manga is released weekly on the Weekly Shonen Sunday, a magazine published by the editorial house Shogakukan.

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However, while the manga has been published weekly for a while, it has been known to take various hiatus, the biggest one in its history having occurred just early in 2023. Fans should not be surprised if this occurs again, as authors need to take breaks to keep the quality of their work.

Will the Manga be Adapted?

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Despite having been released recently, the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime adaptation has had an amazing reception. The show has been wildly successful inside and outside Japan and it seems like this success will continue for a long time.

With such a successful series, it seems unlikely that the higher-ups at Shogakukan will not continue adapting the manga. Unless the anime becomes a failure overnight, fans can expect to see more adventures being brought to life on their screens for many years. Still, unless an official announcement is made, we cannot be sure what the future will hold for the series.

What is Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End About?

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Years ago, the elven mage Frieren helped a party of heroes defeat the evil Demon King who tormented the land. After their victory, the group enjoyed an amazing spectacle, a meteor shower that was only seen every 50 years. During this event, Frieren made a promise to her companions to reunite with them in half a century to watch the meteor shower once more.

Sadly, due to her elven nature, Frieren does not realize how time affects other races and is shocked by seeing how much her friends have aged during their time apart. The group enjoys one last meteor shower before Himel, one of the humans in her party, dies. Filled with regret Frerien accepts to train Fern, an orphan adopted by Himmel, and travel with him to a land where spirits reside to speak with her dead comrade once more.

- This article was updated on October 16th, 2023

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