Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: 10 Most Important Characters in the Shibuya Incident Arc

The main actors in Jujutsu Kaisen's Shibuya Incident arc

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The Shibuya Incident arc is considered by most Jujutsu Kaisen fans to be among the best in the series. This arc not only presented events that had lasting effects on both the story and the characters but also moved the plot in a whole new direction.

Most main and side characters were involved in the events of this arc, to varying degrees of participation. However, only a select few were vital players of the Shibuya Incident. Below, we will discuss the most important characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: The Shibuya Incident arc.

Beware of spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident arc.

The Most Pivotal Players in Jujutsu Kaisen: Shibuya Incident Arc.

10. Choso

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When the Shibuya Incident arc began, Choso was a major opponent of Itadori and the rest of our heroes. Looking for revenge against those who killed his siblings, this half-human/half-curse hybrid faced Gojo and Yuji without fear for his own life. He can control blood, which he uses to create blades, restraints, and many different kinds of weapons to aid him in battle.

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 He may not be loyal to any cause, but he truly cares about his family and would do anything for them. That is why, after learning that Itadori was also his little brother, he betrayed Kenjaku and joined the fight against him.

9. Mei Mei

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Once an upper-classmate of Gojo and Geto, Mei Mei is a powerful fighter whose only motivation to help is money. While her contributions during the Shibuya Incident are not as celebrated, she was vital in keeping Itadori alive during a large part of the arc. With the help of her crows, Mei Mei was able to gain intel about the enemy without putting her allies at risk.

She was also amongst the first individuals who suspected Kenjaku of not being the original Geto since she knew her former classmate died years ago. Her battle against the Smallpox Deity may not have been as enticing as others in the arc, but it was still incredibly enjoyable.

8. Jogo

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A powerful Curse who believed his kind to be the rightful ruler of Earth, Jogo was a major enemy during the Shibuya Incident arc. He was one of the most relentless opponents Gojo had to face during his battle, with Jogo being a key player in getting Satoru sealed.

He was also a formidable opponent for the most potent Curse known to man, Sukuna. The merciless being even complimented him for being such an entertaining fight for him. Without Jogo, it is unlikely that Kenjaku’s plans could have been as successful as they were.

7. Nanami Kento

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A beloved mentor, friend, and warrior, Nanami was without a doubt a fan-favorite character since he was first introduced to the show. During the fateful events of the Shibuya Incident, Nanami was a frontline fighter who gave his all to protect the innocent civilians of the city. He also did his best to keep his students from being injured, even at the cost of his health.

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Sadly, Nanami met his end at the hands of the deranged Mahito, but not before giving Itadori a heartfelt and emotional goodbye, telling his student he could win the fight. His death was extremely tragic but it served as a way to prove the danger that the characters of Jujutsu Kaisen were in.

6. Mahito

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One of Kenjaku’s closest allies, and the leader of the human-hating curses, Mahito was an unhinged villain of the Shibuya Incident arc. He was involved in almost all major battles during the events of October 31st in Jujutsu Kaisen. It was thanks to him that Gojo could be sealed, providing Kenjaku with enough time to trap the teacher.

He was also responsible for Nanami’s murder, using the man’s death to provoke Itadori into fighting him. He wanted to fight Yuji more than anyone because he saw him as his opposite, someone with a similar story to his but who took a completely different path. Unfortunately, he ended up being absorbed by Kenjaku, preventing fans from seeing Mahito develop further.

5. Sukuna Ryomen

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Long before the beginning of the series, a powerful sorcerer known as Sukuna decided to become a cursed object and prevent his demise. In 2018, he was reincarnated inside Itadori, becoming both a valuable ally and a terrifying foe for the boy. For most of the Shibuya Incident, this imposing being decided to enjoy the show and mock Yuji for his weakness.

However, when his host was force-fed more of his fingers, the sorcerer took control of Itadori’s body, killing everyone who dared oppose him. His major fight was against Jogo, who could not land a single hit against Sukuna. The deranged man ended up compelling the Curse for being an entertaining opponent, even though he completely dominated the fight.

4. Aoi Todo

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Todo is a proud man, a loyal friend, and a relentless warrior who cannot be stopped by anything. Despite being one of the last characters to join the Shibuya Incident arc, Todo’s contributions were pivotal for our heroes’ victory. Aoi arrived a moment before a shocked Itadori was killed by Mahito.

He went on to remind his friend that Jujutsu sorcerers do not stop to mourn when the fight has not been won. During his battle against Mahito, Todo had no issues sacrificing his arm to give Itadori the perfect opportunity to end the Curse. He may have lost his Boogie Woogie ability during this battle, but he gained the fandom’s eternal respect.

3. Itadori Yuj

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Most known for being the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, Itadori is a young man who lived a relatively normal life until he ate one of Sukuna’s cursed fingers. While he has faced many adversities since that moment, none have been as difficult to bear as the Shibuya Incident. Itadori had to fight against many powerful enemies during this time.

From high-level Curses to unhinged killers like Mahito, Yuji fought valiantly until he could no longer keep going. Even after being subjected to the destruction caused by Sukuna using his body, Yuji did not give up, helping Todo beat Mahito in an epic battle. Without a doubt, Yuji was vital to the survival of the inhabitants of Shibuya.

2. Kenjaku

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Hailing from an ancient time, Kenjaku is a curse that has survived for centuries by possessing corpses and using their abilities to his advantage. During the Shibuya Incident arc, and ever since that time, this powerful Curse has inhabited the corpse of Geto, Gojo’s former best friend. Not only did he choose this appearance for his control over cursed spirits but also to catch Satoru by surprise.

He used Gojo’s momentary hesitance to seal him, preventing him from interfering with his plans to eradicate the human race. He then went to test Satoru’s students, Itadori in particular, as it was later revealed that the young boy seemed to be related to the ancient evil. Kenjaku was the mastermind behind the entire arc, controlling everything that would happen from the beginning.

1. Satoru Gojo

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It is no surprise that Gojo, the man recognized as the most powerful sorcerer in the world, was an essential part of the Shibuya Incident arc. Most of Kenjaku’s plan relied on Gojo being overpowered and sealed. Yet, Gojo proved to be stronger than not only Kenjaku’s lackeys but the curse himself, at least for a few moments.

Despite having been sealed, most of the characters who partook in the Shibuya Incident and survived kept thinking about Gojo. Liberating him from his seal was the main goal of most of his allies. Gojo is not only among the most popular characters in Jujutsu Kaisen but also the most influential in the entire Shibuya Incident arc.

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