Who Dies in the Shibuya Incident Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen? [SPOILERS]

If you're wondering who dies in the Shibuya Incident Arc of Jujutsu Kaisen, we've got you covered!

by J.R. Waugh
Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc Deaths
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The Shibuya Incident Arc is commonly referred to as the best story arc in Jujutsu Kaisen. This comes as the result of strong storytelling, buildup from previous arcs as well as the reincorporation of previous events. It’s loaded with great fights and perhaps more interesting, some shocking deaths. JJK is no stranger to the odd shocking death, but the surprises keep coming as the anime rapidly approaches this arc at the end of August. If you’re wondering who dies in the Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc, read on, and keep in mind, spoilers are ahead.

Major and Minor Jujutsu Kaisen Deaths: Who Dies in the Shibuya Incident Arc?

An array of villains and heroes bite the dust as the question quickly turns from who dies in the Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident, to “how many?” Viewers might still be reeling from the tragic demise of key characters in the Hidden Inventory Arc, but familiar and surprisingly powerful characters are soon to go as well. Here are the major deaths listed below:


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Dagon is a Lovecraftian-looking cursed spirit who has been in Jujutsu Kaisen since the first story arc. Dagon was at first a cursed womb, but in his fully realized form, he was able to tackle deadly sorcerers in battle. Aligned with Mahito and other cursed spirits, he is born from the fear of water-borne accidents and is a fearsome fighter but is ultimately taken down in the Shibuya Incident.

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His killer is somebody you don’t expect to see after the Hidden Inventory Arc. The recently séanced Toji Fushiguro whom Dagon did not take seriously as a threat deals the killing blow to this monstrous adversary.


Images: Gege Akutami / MAPPA / Shueisha / VIZ Media, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

An extremist who believed curses were meant to replace humanity and inherit the earth, this prideful, arrogant, and ill-tempered curse was bound for demise in the series. His hatred for humans aligns perfectly with the villainous Geto’s ambitions, and he also aligns well with Dagon, Hanami, and Mahito.

Jogo is a special grade whose presence can cause nearby sorcerers to catch fire and is appraised at 8 or 9 of Sukuna’s fingers in terms of strength. Despite this, his strength when fighting Sukuna pales compared to the iconic JJK antagonist, being easily defeated. Sukuna reveals and strokes the curse’s ego.


Images: Gege Akutami / MAPPA / Shueisha / VIZ Media, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

The last of the trio of cursed spirits on this list who explicitly die in the Shibuya Incident, Hanami is perhaps the most physically imposing of the three. He is also surprisingly sympathetic, if extreme, resenting humanity and wanting them destroyed for their mistreatment of nature.

Speaking of nature, his abilities smack of biokinesis, with the ability to sprout deadly plants to attack his foes. He’s durable and capable of regeneration, a sort of manga-centric, gender-swapped take on Batman’s Poison Ivy. His death comes at the hands of Satoru Gojo, who brutally exploits his weakness in the form of branches sprouting on his face, then crushes him with his expanding Infinity ability. A fatality worthy of a place in Mortal Kombat in our books.

Kokichi Muta (Mechamaru)

Images: Gege Akutami / MAPPA / Shueisha / VIZ Media, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

This character is another more sympathetic character whose developments run deeper in this arc before his ultimate demise. Revealed to be in league with Mahito in exchange for a healthy body, Kokichi’s motivations were all-too-human.

While he was able to walk independently once more, his long-standing issues with Mahito came to a head. Kokichi was reluctantly agreeable to the terms of their agreement, but Mahito showed no signs of such commitment, such as by attacking students, and thus they had a score to settle. Unfortunately, things would not go Kokichi’s way.

Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba

Images: Gege Akutami / MAPPA / Shueisha, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

These twins are followers of Suguru Geto, but when another spirit inhabited him, they tried to confront this Pseudo-Geto to get him back. Naturally, this imposter was unwilling, and while they live beyond that confrontation, it’s an encounter with a merciless Sukuna that does them in.

Ogami and Her “Grandson”

Images: Gege Akutami / MAPPA / Shueisha / VIZ Media, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

Ogami is one of the most unsympathetic antagonists on this list. A manipulative, evil curse user, she was a talented sorcerer in her own right. She eventually her “grandson” (that is, a kidnapped child) into Toji Fushiguro to fight Takuma Ino, only to have Toji take over the consciousness entirely and kill her instead.

Kento Nanami

Images: Gege Akutami / MAPPA / Shueisha / VIZ Media, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

Perhaps the most shocking, surprising death in this arc due to his power and rank as grade 1 sorcerer, Yuji’s mentor dies in the Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc. His placement in this list is low for the sake of avoiding spoiling this even for viewers as much as possible unless they’re dying of curiosity. Severely wounded by Jogo in battle, Nanami is taken out by Mahito.

Other Key Events in the Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident Arc

This arc has several other important developments beyond simple, explicit character deaths. These include the following key moments:

  • Mahito is absorbed into Pseudo Geto/Kenjaku, not explicitly killed.
  • Satoru Gojo is sealed away, deemed an accomplice to the events of the Shibuya Incident.

In many ways, this is the “villains winning” arc that generates hype among fans for a comeback. Gojo is sealed away for a long time, and only recently in the manga is when he returns. In many ways, this is the most consequential arc yet for the series, and easily the most compelling. Get ready for when it hits Crunchyroll at the end of August 2023!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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